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Portfolio Analytics & Monitoring, So Simple It’s Smart

EnVision™ from CoreLogic is a smart, easy-to-use tool that offers a macro-level view of your portfolio through interactive dashboards so that you can monitor portfolio performance, gain insight into agent’s performance, identify opportunities and accelerate data driven decisions without the need to build your own tool.

Designed with flexibility in mind, EnVision leverages the industry leading valuation data already within RCT Express® and includes data upload capabilities like Coverage A to help you monitor under/overvaluation trends. Integrated with proprietary industry benchmarking and natural hazard risk data, you can get the big picture or if needed, drill down to the property level.

Using today’s advanced analytics, EnVision from CoreLogic offers the ability to:

  • Transform your property data into actionable intelligence
  • Gain competitive edge by comparing your performance metrics to industry benchmarks
  • Get insight on agent performance and system utilization of best practices
  • Report on your key performance indicators (KPIs)