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At CoreLogic, we build our solutions with your business needs in mind. Efficiency and accuracy are at the forefront of our promise to you, our clients. You asked, and we listened. So along with our commitment to the most comprehensive parcel database in the United States, our integration with Esri® ArcGIS® Enterprise makes our industry leading parcel data and property characteristics, easier to consume that ever before. Access CoreLogic content through:

  • ArcGIS Marketplace
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Portal for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Online

If you are settling for less than the whole story from your data, let us help you. This is our data, delivered your way.

Esri ArcGIS Enterprise

The Data You Need, When You Need It

Not only is our data complete and current, connecting with our data is now easier and faster than ever before. Through Esri ArcGIS Enterprise, we are offering you an on demand, web based solution, giving you 24/7 access to your desired content. And even more impressive, we are one of the only GIS providers in the market that can do this, enabling us to truly be complete, current and connected like never before.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The CoreLogic ArcGIS Enterprise service saves me a lot of time. I have access to the products I need without needing to anticipate unforeseen requests.”
– Nathan Wood, GIS Manager, Enervest

“CoreLogic’s Geospatial team is excellent at harnessing the latest technology to deliver information and the speed of today’s business…”
– Erik Potter, Director GIS & Information Systems, Navitas Midstream

“CoreLogic’s ArcGIS Enterprise delivery will allow me to easily expand access to parcel boundary data within my organization. By enabling less technical users with true GIS content my organization will see increased efficiency throughout our company.”
– CoreLogic Client


Take “Approximately” Out of Your Vocabulary

Provided by CoreLogic, America’s leading provider of business information, ParcelPoint® is a geospatial solution that captures boundary and centroid data for 3,050 counties, accounting for 158.1 million parcels nationwide – 149+ million of which are actual parcel boundaries. The result is a significantly improved level of positional accuracy and parcel depth for GIS applications or location-based solutions.

ParcelPoint Quarterly Release 2020


Mapped Surface Ownership Information Meets Property Characteristics

Moving at the speed of your business, you now have the ability to access location and property characteristic information exactly when you need it. It’s time for you to manage your business, not your data. Implement SpatialRecord to get more done.

Three Scalable Information Packages to Meet Your Needs

  • Basic: Current ownership and mailing address information for understanding of surface ownership and right-of-way management.
  • Pro: Property specific information to ensure routes and infrastructure are placed appropriately.
  • Premium: The most granular property characteristics available, allowing detailed infrastructure and opportunity management.
  • Add-on: The Geocoded Points Dataset can provide companies geographic insight within approximately three percent of the U.S. not yet included in the CoreLogic ParcelPoint® Dataset. Spatial points are created using the CoreLogic PxPoint™ Geocoder and combined with property characteristics to help companies make more informed land and asset management decisions for their entire operating area.

Property Use Data Service

Data streamlined across the country.

With data from 3,022 counties, the Property Use Data Service delivered via ArcGIS Enterprise provides the highest level of information concerning property usage across the United States.

Spatial property use data is integral to land development, and is a significant characteristic for land planning and management purposes. By delivering this service through ArcGIS, the product is compatible with all other CoreLogic data and can be easily integrated into existing workflows of customers. Available in three different levels and two unique formats, customers are guaranteed to have access to the level of data they require. Using proprietary property use and property indicator data maintained by CoreLogic, customers can trust the nationwide coverage as being complete, current, and connected.

Three scalable information packages to meet your needs:

  • Basic: Provides basic designations of property use, detailing general characteristics of the location.
  • Pro: Provides a higher level of detail and breaks down larger categories into subcategories for a higher level sense of location.
  • Premium: The finest grain of detail, providing the most information about areas of interest. Allows you to know the exact details of property usage.

Esri Land Use Data Layer image

Why CoreLogic? By providing a new data service via ArcGIS Enterprise, CoreLogic is setting itself as the gold standard in the industry. Property Use is not nationally regulated, and this service eliminates the need for customers to independently collect data themselves, requiring stringent upkeep and wasting precious time.

Get the whole story.

Our Property Use Data Service provides increased levels of property intelligence, powering consumers to make the most informed decisions possible. Having this added visualization will truly tell the whole story of a property in question

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