Eurowind™ European Windstorm Model

European windstorms are a class of extratropical cyclone that pose significant risk to insured assets across the continent.

Eurowind is a fully probabilistic risk model from CoreLogic® that quantifies the prospective hazard from windstorms across 24 European countries. Eurowind as part of RQE is embedded in the Catastrophe Risk Management suite from CoreLogic.

Its hazard is based on a unique combination of gust wind speed measurements and a long, continuous Earth System Model simulation of historical storm climate covering the last millennium. The hazard is common to all submodels of Eurowind: the Scandinavian Forest (covering Sweden and Finland), Sea Surge (covering the UK, France, and Sweden), and the North Europe Offshore Model (covering large oceanic areas).

European Windstorm Graphic

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This model includes the addition of core new features, coverage and functionality. The model basin has been expanded to now cover the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). A new North Europe Offshore (NEO) component also has expanded capability to model wind turbine risk in the North Sea, Irish Sea, Baltic, and Eastern Atlantic.

North Atlantic Oscillation - Positive Phase (NAO+)

Every five years, northern Europe experiences a large influx of claims activity due to a unique pattern of windstorm activity caused by North Atlantic Oscillation. Driven by the difference in pressure anomalies between the Azores High and the Icelandic Low pressure systems, North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) results in a pressure gradient of varying strength throughout the European continent. This increase can result in a significant strain on the human and capital resources of insurance companies, and should thus be a major focus of loss reduction programs. 

Based on the European Windstorm Model (Eurowind™) from CoreLogic®, North Atlantic Oscillation presents a unique view of risk, allowing for a better, general understanding of the sensitivity of the Eurowind model to such drastic a change in conditions.

Product Features

Quantify the Prospective Hazard From Windstorms Across 24 European Countries

For wind peril, Eurowind covers 24 countries across Europe: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K.


Hazard Definitions

Wind Hazard:

  • Based on measured wind speed data from 4,000 European meteorological stations
  • Determines realistic wind hazards for each site location

Storm Surge Hazard:

  • Available for the U.K., France, and Sweden
  • Combining wind speeds and direction with astronomical tide, mean sea level conditions, and coastal defense to generate inundation probabilities

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