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Our portfolio services professionals have in-depth loan servicing process and platform experience. We oversee automated loading of flood information to your system and ensure ongoing loan data integrity by monitoring portfolios and maintaining compliance through the following services:

  • Notifications of service transfer and loan status changes, including payoffs and cancellations
  • Portfolio audits and updates
  • Conversion of flood zone determinations to CoreLogic®

We customize all services to fit your specific requirements and monitoring needs.

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Ongoing Flood Status Monitoring

Your portfolio’s flood zone determinations require continuous monitoring. Factors such as urban development, climate shifts and federal remapping can quickly render those determinations obsolete. Whether selling a given loan group or retaining them in a portfolio, you need current, reliable flood data for every property to maintain marketability and compliance with federal regulations.

Servicing Tailored to Your Needs

Our monitoring service is available during loan origination or at any other time during the life of the loan. Flexible options let you specify the type of monitoring you need, depending on your requirements and loan file status. For maximum efficiency, our innovative, web-based servicing portal enables online project submission for uploading relevant files, monitoring the progress of the project and receiving a summary report upon completion.

Cost-Effective Servicing

Our extensive market share and widespread industry acceptance allows you to avoid the conversion and tracking fees that purchasers might otherwise charge in loan acquisitions or servicing agreements. This translates to significant savings. In addition, our established connections with insurance and tracking businesses, force-placement companies and loan servicing systems allow us to quickly and seamlessly load flood information into your system without expensive or time-consuming manual keying.

constantly monitor and update changes

We constantly monitor and update changes in flood status for all communities.

Acquisitions and Transfers

We service loans according to your needs, with or without accompanying flood data.

Without CoreLogic Flood Data

If you acquire loans without CoreLogic flood zone determinations, we help you convert them to our guaranteed determinations. After conversion, we follow your chosen preferences for all subsequent monitoring.

With CoreLogic Flood Data

If both parties in the sale work with us, we can assist with the records transfer. Additionally, we can transfer records to non-CoreLogic clients if they choose to use our monitoring service.

Regardless of your chosen servicing options, you can add loans to a monitored portfolio at any time. When a loan is paid off, we cancel the monitoring service.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review and Maintenance

Due to the frequency of flood status changes, an acquired or seasoned loan portfolio can rapidly become outdated, particularly during FEMA's current map modernization initiative. Our flexible menu of portfolio review and maintenance services helps keep your portfolio in compliance.

Customized Portfolio Assessment

Our cost-effective, customizable menu of assessment options allows you to choose the level of analysis and reporting you need to ensure your portfolio is in compliance and contains accurate flood data.

Fully Guaranteed Portfolio Update

To ensure you’re in compliance, we will review all properties in your portfolio, identify those that have current flood zone determinations and issue new, guaranteed determinations for the rest. Or, if necessary to meet the requirements of a portfolio sale, we can issue guaranteed CoreLogic determinations for the entire portfolio.

From loan closing through payoff, we offer expert flood risk management. Our customized servicing program help you meet regulatory requirements, satisfy your investors and keep your business growing.

Our portfolio team

Our portfolio team can help you keep a loan portfolio compliant with federal flood regulations.


Our wide range of connectivity options means fast, streamlined ordering, tracking and delivery. Let our connectivity specialists design an optimal system fully compatible with your platform.

Real-Time Interfaces

Our most popular connectivity solution is our XML interface. This interface delivers real-time responses and supports the majority of our website's functionality, including new orders, cancels, edits and disputes. Secure connectivity is available using https. Through the XML response, a completed flood determination is returned with the associated flood information as well as an embedded PDF of the FEMA form. Our XML interface is MISMO compliant in the flood response for versions 2.3.2 and 2.4.

Data Center

Take advantage of industry-standard interfaces for connectivity through our secure data centers.