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Basic Flood Zone Determination

We guarantee our Flood Zone Determinations meet all federal regulation requirements. Basic Flood Determinations provide you with a Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF), needed for compliance purposes and the flood zone information necessary to determine whether flood insurance is available or required.

As required by federal regulations, every Flood Determination is based on the currently effective FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). To obtain a fast and accurate response, we process the Flood Determination through our comprehensive database of digital maps, parcel boundaries and previously determined properties.

Accurate Flood Zone Determinations That Help Guarantee Your Flood Compliance

Whether you're processing a first position loan or a second refinance, our complete line of origination products keeps the process moving smoothly. Our Flood Zone Determination Services help you maintain compliance with federal regulations while mitigating your flood risk.

Flood Zone Determinations Within Minutes

Our technology streamlines the process and returns completed flood zone determination within minutes over 93 percent of the time. We return all Flood Zone Determinations on the FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form, which includes the following information:

Special Flood Hazard Area status

Flood Zone Designation

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Eligibility

NFIP Community Number

Coastal Barrier Resources System Status

letter of map amendment or letter of map revision applicability

Refinance/Related Loan Flood Zone Determination

When your borrowers request refinancing, piggyback loans or simultaneous second mortgages, our low-cost Refinance/Related Loan Flood Determination is a quick, cost-effective solution. Simply provide us the original or related loan number and we'll produce a Flood Determination.

In a refinance situation, we create a second determination and simultaneously monitor both records for future flood map revisions until we receive cancellation notification on the first loan. For related loans, we continue to monitor the first and second loan records. In all other respects, the Refinance/Related Loan Flood Determination is identical to our standard Life-of-Loan Flood Determinations.

Special Properties Flood Zone Determination

Our Special Properties Flood Determination is a unique product specifically developed for commercial and construction lending. We make it possible for you to receive large-tract determinations with building-specific information to ensure that you know which buildings fall within the special flood hazard area.

While federal regulations do not require a Standard Flood Hazard Determination for raw land or large development tract loans, we provide valuable information to cut costs down the road. Our Special Properties Flood Determinations can identify whether a large development tract is inside, outside or partially inside a special flood hazard area. In addition, when you’re dealing with subdivisions, our product can identify which lots are within the flood hazard area. This capability eliminates the need to order individual lot Flood Determinations by providing one determination covering all lots, saving you time and money. As you develop the lots and purchase loans are made, lenders may receive individual Flood Determinations on the applicable loans.

Along with an initial determination, we provide life-of-loan monitoring for Special Properties Determinations. Related/Refinance Loan Flood Determination options are also available.

Other Flood Zone Determinations

CoreLogic also provides guaranteed flood determinations for insurers. In order to help insurance customers understand and manage the risk of flood, Guaranteed Flood Determinations help answer the question of whether a property is "in" or "out" of a FEMA designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and provides the extra assurance that the results are backed by a warranty from CoreLogic.

Our Life-of-Loan Flood Service Alerts You of Flood Zone Changes

Basic Flood Determinations provide the valuable flood information you need at closing. However, with FEMA engaged in a multi-million dollar project to revise the nation's flood maps, it's important that mortgage portfolios are monitored for changes to current flood hazard area conditions.

For example, properties previously located outside a flood hazard area may be inside following a revision, possibly impacting your risk and compliance requirements.

Our fully transferable Life-of-Loan Flood Determinations guarantee you have current, reliable flood data over the life of the mortgage – regardless of the extent or geographic area of flood map changes. It's the industry's most widely recognized life-of-loan product, with 16 of the top 20 loan servicers accepting or requiring life-of-loan monitoring from CoreLogic. That means peace-of-mind with your loans and enhanced marketability should you decide to sell your portfolio.

After the initial determination is completed, we continually monitor the property for any flood map revisions – including Letters of Map Amendment or Revision – that might change the loan's insurance requirements.

Census Tract Data

To help you comply with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Community Reinvestment Act, census tract data is available with any of our products and services.

A Census Tract Determination is an indication of the subject property's location with respect to MSA and census tract boundaries as defined by the United States of America Bureau of the Census.  

For Insurers

CoreLogic also provides guaranteed flood determinations for insurers. With unmatched accuracy and superior protection, this warranted product is specifically designed for insurance companies looking to better understand and manage flood risk. 

Real-Time Interfaces

Our most popular connectivity solution is our XML interface. This interface delivers real-time responses and supports the majority of our website's functionality, including new orders, cancels, edits and disputes. Secure connectivity is available using https. Through the XML response, a completed flood determination is returned with the associated flood information as well as an embedded PDF of the FEMA form. Our XML interface is MISMO compliant in the flood response for versions 2.3.2 and 2.4.

Take advantage of industry-standard interfaces through our secure data centers.