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In the event your consumers become victims of identity theft, our white-glove restoration service will be there to assist them in remediating their issues. Our agents will evaluate the type of fraud that occurred and provide consumers with a detailed action plan that will act as a guide until their identity is restored.

Our service features a variety of steps to ensure that your consumers are looking at their situation from all angles. Those steps include executing a LPOA (limited power of attorney), investigating emergent trails of fraudulent activity, issuing fraud alerts, interacting with affected financial institutions and credit card companies, and preparing documentation. 

Our agents are trained and certified by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), giving them the most comprehensive view on how to approach an identity theft case. Additionally, depending on the relationship, we have instant access to a consumer's credit report, which is typically used in the initial evaluation period of the case. Most competitors do not have this type of data at their fingertips and must request a credit report, often times delaying the ability to assess the situation during the first conversation.