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Multiple listing consumer websites powered by is one of the most widely recognized and respected names in real estate websites and has proven its leadership in real estate search as one of the nation’s leading listing portals and as a trusted technology provider to real estate’s largest brands.

The Fusion Portal is a consumer real estate website crafted specifically for your multiple listing organization. With its modern “mobile first” design, the Fusion Portal reinforces that the multiple listing organization is the best source for fresh, local content. The Fusion Portal provides an effective online strategy, including a complete SEO strategy with ongoing tactical support while your organization maintains control over site content and business rules.

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Ready to see how the Fusion Portal brings the power and prestige of to your members? Watch this short video to see how members can deliver vibrant consumer experiences online, with top search results, in their local area. Now you bring the power of a national search portal directly to your members. Hyper-local. Hyper-them.

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David MeleWe’re very excited to expand the reach of the enterprise-level products to CoreLogic clients in the real estate industry. The Fusion Portal solution offers organizations everything they need to launch a premier real estate web portal in their local market. The enhanced web presence combined with valuable multiple listing data, advanced search capabilities, and a contemporary and responsive interface will help multiple listing organizations expand their local presence while driving consumer inquiries back to their members.”



  • Consumer real estate portal designed specifically for your market
  • Exclusive branding and clear attribution for the listing agent and brokerage
  • Exclusive lead capture for listing agent on all listings
  • Local content sourced directly from the multiple listing organization and CoreLogic®

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Search Engine Optimization

Leverage the experience of  Utilize a team of SEO professionals who understand all facets of organic traffic acquisition as well as the ongoing changes to key search engine algorithms.  Now, you’re in the hands of content professional who help drive traffic in the competitive real estate marketplace!

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