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Hail claims frequency and losses vary enormously – even block by block within the same storm.

Hail damage and its associated insurance claims is one of the leading causes of loss from natural hazards – and the losses have been growing. Carriers have witnessed significant hail losses over the past 10 years, with the average homeowners hail damage claim currently running at $9,000.  A single hailstorm in populated areas of the country can cause billons in hail damage and losses.

To date, one of the most common industry tools used to assess and price for hail damage risk is to determine where hailstorms occur, and the severity of the storms. Research has shown, however, that claims frequency and losses often vary significantly – even within the same small area. This makes it extraordinarily difficult for insurers to confidently underwrite hail coverage in areas that receive frequent hailstorms.

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Segment risk – even within high hail hazard areas

CoreLogic® HailRisk™ is the first and only hail risk solution to combine the pioneering new data-driven science on claim patterns with detailed and proprietary meteorological science, making the product uniquely valuable for avoiding losses while profitably underwriting hail coverage even in areas of highly frequent hailstorms.

Features and Benefits

Evaluate hail risk for a specific property or aggregate risk at a portfolio level.

Over 11 million geospatial points of risk

High-resolution, block-level granularity: 300x the detail of average ZIP Code

Seamless U.S. coverage

Easy-to-use numeric scoring

Storm Risk Score, Claim Risk Score, Claim Risk Rating, Claim Frequency, and Average Annual Projected Loss

Annual probability of 0.75”, 1”, 1.5” and 2” or greater hail stones impacting a specific property

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