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Address-Specific Hail Claim Verification

For property claims adjusters, the evaluation of hail damage can be a complicated task. Because hail melts quickly and roof accessibility is challenging, hail damage can initially go undetected by the homeowner. As a result, adjusters understand the need to carefully evaluate each property’s past hail experience.

With Hail Verification Reports from CoreLogic, insurance carriers, independent claims adjusters, CAT teams, roofing engineers, and roofing contractors can now create powerful business rules to help reduce cycle times and improve transparency after hail storms. Quickly and easily verify the maximum hail size both at the location and in the surrounding area. Each report contains the dates and sizes for each hailstorm since 2009 at the location of interest and within 1, 3 and 10 miles.

Our Data in Use

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, in conjunction with CoreLogic hail verification data, developed parametric hail insurance cover which sits at the forefront of innovation within the insurance space.

Our mission at CoreLogic® is to help people find, buy and protect their properties. We deliver the industry’s most precise hail data solution that quantifies risk and verifies event location and severity from the same source data,” said Steve Brewer, Executive of Insurance & Spatial at CoreLogic®. “With our hail models, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions can confidently structure hail risk transfer solutions to better protect policyholders, slash cycle times and significantly reduce claims adjusting expense following hailstorms.

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Improving the Science of Hail Verification

Each year, severe hail events cause serious damage, and are one of the leading causes of property related claims.

In 2017, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) continued a multi-year, major field research effort to study hailstorms with the goal of reducing property losses and improving weather forecast models and radar detection of hail. With this, CoreLogic® is collaborating with IBHS to use its ground truth data as one source of verification to help validate and affirm our commitment to the most precise hail algorithm in the market.

Product Overview

  • Address-Specific Accuracy
  • Instant Claim Verification
  • History of Hail Since Jan 1, 2009
  • Continental US Coverage
  • Used by Most Major Insurance Carriers
  • Corporate Volume Discounts Available

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Hail Verification online to take advantage of a cost-effective and convenient way to verify hail dates and sizes. Simply enter an address or latitude/longitude anywhere in the continental United States to immediately search the most recent six-year archive of hail verification data, and a complete PDF report of all hail dates and sizes will instantly be:

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