Hail Activity to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Hail damage claims can vary widely from one year to the next. Given these broad variations and the high average cost of hail damage claims, it’s imperative to safeguard against fraud by using the most cost-effective verification and inspection processes possible. Our proprietary hail science verified actual hail fall and enables you to identify hail severity and impact location on an address-specific basis. This allows roofing professionals to more confidently identify the location of damaged roofs, assess for pre-existing damage and detect the presence (or absence) of severe hail, so that resources can be deployed quickly after a severe weather event takes place.

No More Guesswork

The proprietary hail verification science from CoreLogic is one of the only sources for hail data designed to verify actual hailfall. The algorithm was designed to address the hail verification needs of customers, including actual hail fall information and accurate hail size data. In the past, many customers relied on products and services based on science and algorithms intended for public safety needs – products focused on what a hailstorm might potentially produce, not what actually occurred.

Introducing Our Proprietary Hail Verification Science 2.0

At CoreLogic, we have a commitment to the most precise hail verification algorithm in the market, and we have made our leading technology even better.

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How to Get It

Estimate and verify severe weather impacts across your entire book of business. Our platforms put a powerful combination of proprietary technologies at your fingertips to ensure you get all the data you need to make critical business decisions.

Hail Verification Products

A Hail Size Map shows hailstorms anywhere in the continental U.S. Based on our proprietary hail verification science, we plot paths for impacted geographic areas and color code these areas in quarter-inch increments from three-quarter inch up to four-plus inch hail diameters. Get the most accepted and trusted eagle-eye view of hail in the U.S. Whether you want to buy a single map or a subscription, we have flexible purchasing options to support multiple business needs. 

A Hail Verification Report contains the dates and sizes for each hailstorm since 2009 at the location of interest and within one, three and 10 miles. Each report is based on our proprietary hail verification science. Quickly and easily verify the maximum hail size both at the location and in the surrounding areas to accurately capture the date of loss.

Deploy resources quickly with Custom Hail Alerts from CoreLogic, which allow you to make fast and educated escalation decisions in response to hail storms. Based on proprietary hail science and around the clock nationwide monitoring, you are only contacted when hail activity occurs in your specific areas of interest. First responders reply on Custom Hail Alerts to know when hail is falling in populated areas so they can best focus their attention.

Insurance Solutions

Structural Risk and Valuations

Rather than rely on a standard industry percentage, get detailed intelligence on the structural risk and value of properties in your portfolio to ensure that your clients are not over or under-insured.

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Natural Hazard and Catastrophe

Assess your market position by accessing reports and data that give you a complete view of the risk to your portfolio.

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Roof Condition Solutions

CoreLogic offers tools to help you assess the roof conditions of prospective clients from your desktop.

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Weather Verification Services

Understand the impact of severe weather to empower you to make critical business decisions about your response.

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