Hail Activity to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Damaging hail is one of nature's costliest weather perils. In fact, according to the Insurance Council of Texas, a single hail storm in Dallas caused over $900 million in damage.

Catastrophe events such as these can be difficult to manage and can quickly overwhelm both insurance carriers and roofing contractors alike. With Hail Verification Services from CoreLogic®, clients can leverage powerful business intelligence to help them achieve their post storm goals - from Point to Portfolio™

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Introducing Our Proprietary Hail Verification Science 2.0

At CoreLogic we have a commitment to the most precise hail verification algorithm in the market, and we have made our leading technology even better.

No More Guesswork

The proprietary hail verification science from CoreLogic is one of the only sources for hail data designed to verify actual hailfall. The algorithm was designed to address the hail verification needs of customers, including actual hail fall information and accurate hail size data. In the past, many customers relied on products and services based on science and algorithms intended for public safety needs – products focused on what a hailstorm might potentially produce, not what actually occurred.


Hail Verification Report – Identifies Hail History at the Parcel Level


Case Study

Twin Storms Drive Home the Value of Hail Verification


Hail Size Maps

The Most Trusted Eagle-Eye View of Hail in the United States

Insurance carriers, independent claims adjusters, CAT teams, roofing engineers and roofing contractors have all come to rely on Hail Size Maps as the industry standard for hail mapping.

Hail Size Maps show hailstorms anywhere in the continental United States. Based on our proprietary hail verification science, we plot hail paths for impacted geographic areas and color code these areas in quarter-inch increments from 3/4" up to 4+" hail.

Hail Size Maps are available from January 1, 2009 to the current date (updated in real time on an hourly basis). Each map is coded based on hail size and population density, from Level 1 for least severe to Level 5 for most severe.


Hail Size Map – Identifies Hail Size and Location


Hail Size Reports

National Hail Size and Wind Speed Map


Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Hail Size Maps online with instant delivery to your CoreLogic Weather Verification Services account for immediate viewing. Shapefiles, .kmz, or other GIS formats are optionally available for overlay and comparison with policy-in-force, claims, sales or other data at an additional charge (contact us for details). Whether in your office or out in the field, you can view Hail Size Maps on a PC or an Internet-enabled mobile device such as the iPad, iPhone, or Droid.

Contact us for more information on subscriptions, bulk usage, and corporate discounts.

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Hail Verification Reports

The Insurance Industry Standard for Address-Specific Hail Claim Verification

Quickly and easily verify the maximum hail size both at the location and in the surrounding area. Each report contains the dates and sizes of hail for each hailstorm since 2009 at the location of interest and within 1, 3 and 10 miles.

Insurance carriers, independent claims adjusters, CAT teams, roofing engineers, and roofing contractors have all come to rely on CoreLogic Weather Verification services as the standard for hail verification.

Contact us for more information about bulk usage, corporate discounts, and direct integration with your claims management system.

Product Overview:

  • Address-Specific Accuracy
  • Instant Claim Verification
  • History of Hail Since Jan. 1, 2009
  • Continental U.S. Coverage
  • Used by Most Major Insurance Carriers
  • Corporate Volume Discounts Available

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Order Hail Verification Reports online to take advantage of a cost-effective and convenient way to verify hail dates and sizes. Simply enter an address or latitude/longitude anywhere in the continental United States to immediately search the most recent six-year archive of hail verification data, and a complete PDF report of hail dates and sizes will instantly be:

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Emailed to your inbox

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Archived permanently in your Weather Verification Services account

Custom Hail Alerts

Stay Ahead of Storms and the Competition

Custom Hail Alerts will notify you of ongoing hail up to every three hours when hail storms are in progress.

Custom Hail Alerts also include regional thumbnail Hail Size Maps of the areas impacted and show the severity for each region on a five-level scale. This enables you to quickly focus your attention on regions that experienced greater impact.

Clicking on a region you wish to investigate further will allow you to purchase the corresponding Hail Size Map. If you are a subscriber (to the region) you will instantly see the full interactive Hail Size Map.

Product Overview

  • Receive Alerts of Hailfall Across the U.S.
  • Compatible With Smart Phones
  • Delivers Live Updates up to Every Three Hours as Storms Occur
  • Sent via Email
  • Includes Regional Thumbnail Hail Size Maps
  • Features Demographics / Population of Hail Area
  • Customize Your Personal Settings

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Bulk / volume discounts are available for enterprise or corporate-wide access. CAT teams, sales teams, and other first responders rely on Custom Hail Alerts to know when hail is falling in populated areas so they can quickly focus their attention and resources. Contact us for more information or to order.

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