Nine Natural Hazard Datasets, One Single Score

CoreLogic® Hazard Risk Score is a comprehensive risk assessment product that combines nine CoreLogic natural hazard datasets into a single easy-to-use score. A cumulative risk score can be derived consistently for any location across the United States, and includes the evaluation of flooding, storm surge, hurricane winds, wildfire, earthquakes, hail, tornados, straight-line winds and sinkholes.

Hazard Risk Score offers insurers, risk managers and mortgage servicers a single solution to help identify the riskiest areas in the US, allowing you to better manage natural hazard risk across your portfolio and your business.

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Know the Where, What and How of Hazard Risk

Identifying the riskiest areas across the nations enables insurers, risk managers and mortgage companies to take action to reduce risk in over-concentrated places and prepare to deploy resources to respond at the locations with the highest risk concentrations.

Insurers can measure mitigation savings versus total hazard percentage damage, while risk managers and mortgage companies can know in advance, the natural hazard risk associated with potential site location decisions, allowing you to evaluate and quantify risk in a consistent manner.

Risk Score Benefits

  • One easy-to-use score that ranges from 0-100
  • Comprehensive score spanning nine key natural disasters
  • Available across the continental U.S.
  • Additional underlying data available

Insurance companies and enterprise risk managers can use Hazard Risk Score for:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Adverse selection avoidance
  • Identification of “good risk” properties
  • Site location decision support
  • Natural hazard territory factors

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