Gain Insight with Accurate and Current HOA Data 

Lenders, investors, marketers and others alike need to better understand if a property is in a homeowner or condo owner association. Having a more complete understanding of all property characteristics allows for better decision-making. 

Several types of users can benefit from intelligence on Homeowner and Condo owner Associations. Whether you are an investor who needs to perform due diligence or a direct marketer looking for refinance prospects, HOA Data from CoreLogic offers the insight that is required.

Who Can Use HOA Data?

Risk Managers
Financial Management
Direct Marketing

Appraisers A property being within the  boundaries of a HOA or COA may impact property valuations.   

Servicers Understanding and analyzing a property for short sales decisions. 

Investors Due diligence on a potential investment or a portfolio. 

Risk Managers Audit portfolio management. 

Insurers Analyze risk management and claims payment. 

Financial Managers Review loss reserves and commercial development analysis. 

Direct Marketers Target homeowners for refinance opportunities or suppression of prospects with HOA liens. 

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