iClear supports auditing invoices based on complex user-defined criteria and supports auditing certain approving processors, invoice types, invoice amounts and more. The audit queue also allows for sampling a certain number of invoices matching the given criteria.

iClear offers line-item maintenance, including the ability to administer caps, properties and frequencies. This reduces implementation timelines and supports overhead by providing a Web-based user interface to maintenance the referenced line item properties, settings, caps and frequencies. Loan maintenance enables servicers to customize and define the iClear data elements to be captured and stored.

iClear also provides the ability to submit batches of invoices in standardized XML or CSV layout, and/or partially submit batches with a variety of capabilities.

Product Details

  • Custom business rules creation based on your operation
  • Automated invoice approval upon submission
  • Only work invoice exceptions that fail established rules
  • Client-specific fee structures implemented and processed as rules
  • Only work fee structure exceptions
  • Custom-built work queues based on your business processes
  • Invoice exceptions routed to queues upon invoice submission
  • Invoices routed
  • Audit rules built per compliance guidelines
  • Permission-based work queue access and auditing
  • Invoice Express allows bulk invoice submission
  • Multiple invoice recipients in one bulk file
  • Exception handling allows partial batch submission
  • More than 30 invoice types accepted
  • Custom invoice type creation available

Intelligent interface provides ability to create, save and schedule the reports you need

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