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ID Verification and Fraud Detection

Are your applicants who they say they are? Are their intentions good? 

ID Score® Powered by ID Analytics® provides near real-time insight to help you evaluate new applicants and detect potential fraudulent risk. ID Score looks across industries to identify high-risk behaviors in real-time, and delivers a predictive assessment of identity fraud risk at account opening. CertainID, an automated identity verification service, quickly validates the identity of an applicant through a dynamic knowledge-based authentication solution. Results are then seamlessly integrated into the existing screening workflow, allowing your agents to focus only on the riskiest applicants. Score thresholds and instructions to agents can be easily configured down to the specific property level, to accommodate regional and seasonal fluctuations.

ID Score is powered by the ID Network®, one of the nation's largest, continuously-updated networks of cross-industry consumer behavioral data, containing over 1 trillion data elements and over 4.2 million confirmed frauds. With deep insight into a wide range of industries - including critical markets such as telecommunications and subprime lending which are not captured by traditional credit bureaus and public records companies - the ID Network provides ID Score with a comprehensive, up-to-the minute view of identify fraud risk.

Benefits Include

Reduced Fraud Losses

Increase accuracy of identify fraud assessments across all channels, including online

Decreased Operational Costs

Reduce the number of manual screenings and eviction cost

Improved Customer Experience

Increased confidence in the identity of your applicants