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Drive time matters to home buyers. A lot. 73% of those surveyed in a recent study by the National Association of REALTORS® indicated that drive time is a key decision factor when searching for a home. Today’s tools for helping searchers predict their drive times simply aren’t up to the task – until now.

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The Loathing of Gridlock

Home buyers not only consider the home itself, but also the neighborhood, the price, the schools, and safety. Three of four say the drive time to work or school is a key search criterion. Defeating roadway snarls is an important need, but frustrated searchers must figure it out themselves through guesswork or test driving the potential route during peak hours. GPS tools abound in many cars and most smart phones, but these are typically satellite positioning tools, not traffic indicators. GPS tools measure distance, not time. When it comes to assessing a possible commute, searchers know it’s time that matters.

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Missed Opportunities…Long Sales Cycles

Because this information is so important to clients, agents often feel powerless to provide intelligent, accurate help. As clients must guess which homes are good for their drive times (or not), they may guess wrong and eliminate good homes from consideration or chase bad ones that don’t work. Or, in test driving themselves, clients lengthen the sales process for the agent, often missing opportunities in a competitive market. In short, providing accurate predictive traffic analysis is an important step forward in serving clients.

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INRIX DriveTime by CoreLogic – The King of Traffic Big Data

Now, the gap has been filled. Instead of standard mileage based GPS reports, INRIX DriveTime can provide searchers an instant and accurate assessment of potential commute times for multiple target homes. Accessing the Smart Drive Network, DriveTime is powered by:

  • Crowd source community of nearly one-hundred million vehicles and roadside monitors
  • Continental coverage of nearly one-million miles of road—enough to circle the globe over 30 times!
  • Billions of points of data crunched daily to form and adjust real world traffic flow patterns

Are You Ready to Embrace the Power of DriveTime?

Now agents can serve clients with premier traffic analysis—shortening decision times and properly filtering target properties based on real world traffic telematics.

Now agents can provide a report of homes that fit their clients’ drive time needs—all without guessing or complicated math. Now agents can provide accurate drive time estimates for multiple routes, destinations, and target arrival times—all with a simple interface and report.

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