Automate Loan Modifications

Loan modification bottlenecks and compliance audits are every servicer’s challenge. This web-based, loan modification decisioning tool dramatically improves loan mod decisioning and accelerates HAMP, GSE and proprietary loan modifications all while providing auditable reporting and tracking.

With over seven thousand users, IntelliMods™ is a validated, easy to use decisioning tool that is now integrated with the Fannie Mae Servicing Management Default Underwriter™ (SMDU™) Platform.

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Benefits of Automated Loan Mod Decisioning With SMDU Integration

  • Validated, user-friendly, decisioning platform with over 7,000 users
  • Enables consistent interpretation and delivery of Fannie Mae policies
  • Proprietary waterfalls or business logic can be easily configured and used for non-Fannie Mae loans
  • Helps eliminate the liability and cost of maintaining the latest SMDU versions
  • Output data can be sent directly to Fannie Mae or to the servicer's default management system
  • Full audit and reporting capability on all completed modifications

To Decide and Deliver on the Best Possible Loan Decision, Additional Enhancements Can Include

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Document Generation

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Document Fulfillment

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eSigning with AuthoSign™

Data Validation and Augmentation

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Document Recordation

Customizable, SMDU-Integrated Decisioning

Built-in decisioning tools include HAMP- and HAFA-compliant progressions, integration with Fannie Mae's SMDU,  as well as the latest Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA cascades. IntelliMods also allows you to set parameters for private investor decisioning and integrate your business rules, as long as those rules don’t conflict with government mandates.

How IntelliMods Works

and process a single loan file or a batch of thousands in seconds.

Intellimods includes standard decisioning routines and allows you to create custom cascades that align with investor guidelines. Where government mandates allow, you can also add business rules to tailor decisioning to your internal processes, policies and guidelines. Simply select the investor and treatment desired to send loans through the appropriate decisioning cascade.

Automated Loan Document Generation and Fulfillment Capabilities

Our unique automated document generation and fulfillment can cut hours, even days, out of the loan modification process. Our complete library of current Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and ancillary closing documents for various loan modification programs makes getting documents into borrowers' hands fast and easy.

  • Offers a complete library of the most current loan modification documents
  • Helps mitigates document duplication and incorrect package distribution
  • Can reduce internal costs by increasing efficiency and can alleviate the data entry burden
  • The confidence to outsource the printing, packaging, and shipping of sensitive loan documents via a trusted industry partner
  • The flexibility to increase or decrease production
  • Offers secure file transfer, optional barcode tracking, and customizable reporting options