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A Unique Combination
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Parcel Data & Leasehold Ownership Information

For Appalachia, Texas, and Michigan.

The Land Lease Data Suite offered by CoreLogic and Western Land Services is the solution of choice for industry leaders who want to succeed in this fast-paced, competitive environment. 


Our leasehold data coupled with unit data, provides you with the best understanding of oil and gas activity in an area, to make the most optimal decisions for your business needs.With our lease data, you can:


  • Quickly identify tracts held by production with digitized unit boundaries

  • Pinpoint competitor acreage for acquisition or diverstiture opportunities

  • Create short term and long lease expiration schedules

  • Determine mineral owners to contact for leasing and top leasing opportunities

With this kind of property ownership information and much more at your fingertips, your company can be ahead of the pack when it comes to identifying new and promising opportunities.

A Unique Combination

Once again, we’ve expanded our footprint in Appalachia and Texas, and now in Michigan; including the Michigan basin. The data suite includes information such as:



Key Products:

CoreLogic ParcelPoint
Get current parcel, and property attributes with CoreLogic ParcelPoint, the most extensive parcel boundary dataset available for the U.S.

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Western Land Services
Spatial mineral lease layer and lease attributes from Western Land Services, including unit boundaries, current lessee, lease expiration date, royalty percentage, depth restrictions, acreage, and more

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CoreLogic SpatialRecord
The option to add-on our SpatialRecord product for access to dozens of property attributes, including mailing address, deeded acreage, legal description, and recording information.

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An Integrated Property Ownership Information Solution

Serving multiple levels within the oil & gas community.

  • Landmen have the information needed to accelerate lease deals and determine new areas for exploration such as upcoming expiring leaseholds


  • GIS professionals can combine surface, shale depth and internal proprietary data to develop spatial databases as well as create forecasts and budgets for various company stakeholders


  • Exploration departments & New Venture Teams can determine expansion potential from the shale maps by having a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and opportunities available


  • Business Development Groups can better assess opportunities for acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures 


  • Engineering can establish the most efficient and cost effective route for asset transportation


  • Mineral Buying Agents can pinpoint mineral owners to acquire minerals from in optimal locations using digitized unit boundaries that reflect heavy production areas 


  • Right-of-way is exposed for lease procurement and pipeline placement through parcel ownership data. Ask us about our Midstream Leasehold package today - strategically assess lessee ownership in and around current or pending pipeline routes to identify dedication opportunities, understand depths for related pipeline decisions, and more.


Note: All elements may not be available for all leases

Lease Coverage Maps

December 2017

The Land Lease Data Suite is updated quarterly. Monthly updates available upon request.


Appalachian Land Lease Map

Texas Land Lease Map

Michigan Land Lease Map


Complete. Current. Connected.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring you get the data you need, when you need it.


Onsite Training
The needs of your company are unique. Make the most of your investment with onsite training to ensure that you are using the data to the fullest. Depending on the size of your order, we now offer 1 to 2 day on-site and/or web -based training sessions. Our specialists will meet with your GIS, Land, and Exploration teams to understand your needs and to demonstrate how our land lease data can present the greatest value to each distinct group.

Contact us to request your training session 

Western Land Services
With over 40 years’ experience as a land brokerage firm, Western Land Services (WLS) has leased more than seven million acres, secured thousands of miles of Right-of-Way, and facilitated the drilling of 11,000+ wells. Supporting our clients from project inception to completion, WLS is your one stop shop for success. We bring Land, Energy, and People together, executing every project with enthusiasm, integrity, and expertise.


We are Always Expanding our Footprint
We understand and appreciate the nature of the industry- it is fast paced and ever changing. With that, we have a deep commitment to flexibility and responding to your needs: looking for a county, a full state, or maybe a certain company? We can help you. Don´t see the Geography you are looking for? Our dedicated team compiles new geographies efficiently and affordably to ensure you have the data you need.

Proprietary CoreLogic Technology
Provided by CoreLogic, America’s leading provider of business information, ParcelPoint is a geospatial solution that captures boundary and centroid data for 2,937 counties, accounting for 152.2 million parcels nationwide—145.9 million of which are actual parcel boundaries. The result is a significantly improved level of positional accuracy and parcel depth for GIS applications or location-based solutions.

The following data is included in the Land Lease Data Suite:



  • Internal feature number
  • Feature geometry
  • Unique identifier for linking to point feature
  • State FIPS code
  • County FIPS code
  • Assessor parcel number – primary (source: local authorities)
  • Assessor parcel number - secondary (source: local authorities)
  • Parcel owner (source: local authorities)
  • Situs address (source: local authorities)
  • Place name (source: local authorities)
  • State abbreviation (source: local authorities)
  • ZIP Code (source: local authorities)
  • ZIP Code + 4 (source: local authorities)
  • Standardized situs address (source: USPS)
  • Standardized place name (source: USPS)
  • Standardized state abbreviation (source: USPS)
  • Standardized ZIP Code (source: USPS)
  • Standardized ZIP Code + 4 (source: USPS)
  • Point type (ACQ, CEN, FIP)
  • Coordinate for longitude in decimal degrees (points only)
  • Coordinate for latitude in decimal degrees (points only)

Lease Layer

  • Current lessee of the lease
  • Date of Western Land Service modification
  • Lease effective date
  • Lease expiration date
  • Lessor’s first name
  • Lessor’s last name
  • Abstract number (TX only)
  • Survey name (TX only)
  • Block number (TX only)
  • Survey number (TX only)
  • Parcel number
  • Land description (TX only)
  • Acreage for that particular parcel
  • Total acreage on lease
  • Township the tract is in
  • County the tract is in
  • Royalty percentage of the lease
  • Term of the lease
  • Option listed on the lease
  • Recorded lease type
  • Recorded instrument number
  • Recorded deed book/page
  • Depth restriction on a lease
  • Formation restrictions based on geographic location (TX only)
  • Original and prior lessees in assignment chains
  • Assignment instrument number
  • Assignment deed book/page
  • Assignment notes
  • Assignment depth restrictions 
  • Pooling/utilization name
  • Recorded unit document number
  • Status of lease: Current/Extended/HBP/Possible HBP/Released/Expired/Potentially Expired
  • Specific notes for a recorded document 
  • State and county FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) code


  • Unit Name
  • Operator
  • Well Status
  • Well API
  • Unitized Acreage
  • Recording Information
  • Boundary Type
  • County/State
  • Formation/Depth

The Land Lease Data Suite Includes Leasehold Data for the Following Counties:

We understand and appreciate the nature of the industry- it is fast paced and ever changing. With that, we have a deep commitment to flexibility and responding to your needs: looking for a county, a full state, or maybe a certain company? We can help you. Don´t see the Geography you are looking for? Our dedicated team compiles new geographies efficiently and affordably to ensure you have the data you need.

Choose a Delivery Option for our Location Information Products That Best Compliments your IT Solution and Business

At CoreLogic, we offer several ways oil and gas; telecom, utilities and a host of other industries can access our industry-leading data:

  • Spatial Web Services (SWS)– An interface that delivers a set of services and tools that allow you to easily integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel, and geocoding data directly into your applications. Using a RESTful API, you can now stream our geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, and PHP. Learn More.
  • Xiance®– An ordering and delivery platform with positionally accurate tax jurisdiction and natural hazard solutions through the web—up to 100,000 files at a time—to help you make smarter business decisions. Learn more.
  • Shapefiles & geodatabases are available for you to load into your existing infrastructure.
  • Our Consulting Services are comprised of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals, and senior professional software developers. This team collaborates to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via our Web Services.

Appalachia Data Includes:

  • 800,000 leasehold records for over 28,000,000 acres
  • 9,500 unit boundaries
  • Over 400,000 acres leased since Jan 2015
  • Over 600,000 acres of expiring leaseholds for Q1 & Q2 2016

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