The Industry Standard for Lightning Verification

Lightning is a frequent, year round occurrence, with property damage from lightning claims costing the P&C insurance industry billions of dollars each year.

What if you could easily and confidently verify or exclude lightning as the cause of loss for all lightning claims? Or, increase automation of claims processing by applying rules-based decisioning to all lightning claims? With lightning verification from CoreLogic - you can.

Unlike other lightning verification methodologies STRIKEnet Reports use 25-plus years of lightning data acquired from the U.S. National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and the Canadian Lightning Detection Network (CLDN). Lightning verification from CoreLogic - if accuracy matters, why use anything else?

Lightning Verification Methodology

Unlike other lightning verification methodologies, the STRIKEnet Report uses 25-plus years of lightning data acquired from the U.S National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN) and the Canadian Lightning Detection Network (CLDN). First introduced by Vaisala, Inc. in 1989 and later enhanced by CoreLogic Weather Verification Services, the lightning verification data that powers the STRIKEnet Report is industry recognized as the standard for accuracy based on thousands of peer reviews.

STRIKEnet – The Industry Standard for Lightning Verification

Introduced in 1992 by Vaisala, STRIKEnet® address-specific lightning reports are the industry standard for lightning verification. Over a half million reports have been utilized by insurance claims adjusters, forensic engineers, attorneys and property owners who rely on the accuracy of the information contained in the STRIKEnet report to provide the most exact detection and location of lightning stroke data.

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Product Overview

The industry-standard lightning report; trusted by insurance adjusters, carriers and engineers for over 20 years.

Largest, most comprehensive lightning dataset.

Search any date for lightning, back to 1989.

U.S. and Canada coverage.

Address-specific accuracy.

Instant claim verification.

Corporate volume discounts available.

Enhanced in 2014, the basic STRIKEnet report covers a 72-hour period of time for any address within the United States or Canada. Additional search days are available for $25/day. STRIKEnet includes the count of lightning strokes and displays the strokes on a color map. Additionally, a printout of the 50 closest strokes to the location center-point is provided in text format, including the date, time (to the nearest millisecond), latitude/longitude, polarity (negative or positive), and amplitude of the stroke. Optionally, a complete ASCII CSV file listing of all strokes detected can be ordered at no additional charge.

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

STRIKENet is ordered and delivered online within seconds. Simpler than ever, Weather Fusion has streamlined the STRIKEnet order process:

STRIKEnet Order Process

Icon of the number 1.

Enter a location (address or lat/long).

Icon of the number 2.

Choose a search radius of 1, 5, 10 or 15 miles around the address.

Icon of the number 3.

Select your desired method of payment - Invoice with Net30 terms or pay with Credit Card

Icon of the number 4.

Instantly view the completed report; a copy is emailed to the user and web access, for up to 1 year online, from your account.

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Corporate volume discounts are available, as is integration with claims workflow software for incorporation at first notice of loss (FNOL) or during the claim adjustment process.
STRIKEnet and NLDN are registered trademarks of Vaisala Group.

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