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The Loan Center Difference

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution brings the advantages of the cloud to mortgage loan origination. But that’s just the beginning.

Increase Speed, Volume, and Compliance

As a mortgage lender in an intensely competitive, extremely regulated world, you need a fast, high-volume system that helps manage compliance. Loan Center delivers what you need.

Enhance Collaboration for Greater Borrower Satisfaction

With so many people and so much information required to move a single loan through the system, you need an LOS that promotes collaboration. Loan Center does that. Users working in Loan Center can access external products and execute service orders without leaving the system.

Keeps Loans Moving

Loan Center prevents noncritical actions from stalling loans by putting the loan at the hub, so that multiple users in different locations can work simultaneously. The Loan Center patented dynamic workflow uses conditional logic and task monitoring to detect events that change the outcome of earlier steps and ensure all completed actions align with your requirements.

Integrated Modular Components

Loan Center delivers a fully integrated system made up of modular components, giving you the flexibility to implement one, some, or all modules.

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Originator Websites

Empower your loan officers, mortgage consultants, brokers, and local representative to create highly personalized Web storefronts while maintaining your content and graphic standards.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Connect your loan officers to the people, tools, and information they need to process loans and satisfy borrowers.

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Equip your people with an automated, centralized catalog of loan programs and pricing, complete with rules-based decisioning tools.

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Loan Center

Our interactive, start-to-finish mortgage delivery solution molds to fit your operation. Loan Center smooths each step along the path from application through funding.

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Network Services Platform (NSP)

Our cloud platform improves system agility by simplifying integration with other systems and enabling users working in Loan Center to connect to external products and services.

What Are Originator Websites?

It’s a practical tool that allows you to provide your agents—including loan officers, brokers, consultants and representatives—with an interactive Web portal that doesn’t compromise your brand or policies.

Help Your Agents Reach Prospective Borrowers

With so many borrowers turning to the Web to find homes and initiate real estate transactions, your agents need a strong presence. Originator Websites allow them to create a professional Web portal to provide information, interact with prospects, and upload loan applications and supporting documents.

Protect Your Brand

Originator websites protect your brand by preventing agents from creating rogue websites that don’t comply with your content or graphic standards.

  • Enables your loan officers and other agents to create personalized websites that adhere to standards and guidelines
  • Provides a secure Web portal for communication and application and document transfer
  • Lets you monitor activity and stay abreast of production statistics
  • Provides agents with personalized Web storefronts — open 24/7 — allowing potential borrowers to find and contact them when it’s convenient
  • Gives agents a standardized easy-to-use template and boilerplate content for quick setup
  • Imports loan applications and supporting documents directly into Loan Center or other loan origination system (LOS)

What Is Loan Center Point of Sale (POS)?

Loan Center Point of Sale (POS) is our front-end solution that attracts prospective borrowers and moves them into the lending process through a professional Web portal and first-phase origination tools.

Help loan officers to Engage More Borrowers

The POS solution provides effective outreach tools that allow loan officers to initiate productive exchanges with prospective borrowers. Loan officers can create a template-driven Web portal to deliver information, interact with prospects, upload loan applications and supporting documents, and move them into Loan Center or another LOS.

Maintain Compliance

Loan Center POS ensures Web portals meet brand standards and that each loan starts off on the right foot.

  • Extends your outreach to prospective borrowers through a clean, brand-compliant Web storefront
  • Offers loan officers a quick, convenient way to quickly enter and evaluate borrower data and loan scenarios.
  • Ensures loan officers and brokers comply with your processes, policies, and business rules
  • Simplifies loan program selection
  • Gives loan officers a step-by-step process that moves prospects to borrowers and loan applications with supporting documents directly into Loan Center or other LOS
  • Provides validation testing that speeds loan officers through corrections and additions

What Is Loan Center PriceMaster?

Loan Center is an automated pricing engine that takes the guesswork out of loan program pricing by providing a centralized catalog of loan program pricing, complete with rules-based decisioning tools.

Eliminate Pricing Confusion

The centralized catalog lets you deliver loan programs with pricing, eligibility, stipulations, fees, and policy rules. And it makes it easy to tailor programs to each of your organization’s structures, channels, and relationships.

Speed New Loan Programs to Market

PriceMaster simplifies loan program creation and testing. With easy configurability and the ability to disseminate changes across the enterprise, PriceMaster fully automates loan program pricing. It also allows you to distribute large product offerings and base rates across multiple sales channels and quickly create rate sheets for your various retail lenders and brokers.

  • Increase efficiency by dramatically cutting time to market for new mortgage programs
  • Take advantage of the cloud to get new programs and program changes to everyone who needs them in near-instant time
  • Provide users with a rules-based pricing and decisioning engine you can configure for multiple organization structures, channels, and relationships.
  • Create and manage products directly, without technical assistance
  • Create, test, distribute, and archive mortgage products
  • Manage feature-adjusted pricing and subsidies
  • Set lock and extension guidelines
  • Incorporate float downs
  • Define service release premiums (SRPs) and servicing values (SVs)
  • Preserve the full pricing history of loan programs

What Is Loan Center?

Loan Center, the workhorse of the system, integrates Point of Sale (POS) and PriceMaster with powerful back-office and post-production tools to complete the loan origination process.

Simplify Loan Processing to Increase Volume

Loan Center provides users with guided, step-by-step processes that move loans from application through underwriting and to post-funding on a single color-coded screen. The interface displays green and red lights that let users know what’s been completed, what’s next, and if an action moved a loan into or out of compliance.

Focus on Lending

Because Loan Center is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, you never have to worry if all users are operating on the same version. The system also minimizes hardware and IT maintenance requirements so that you can focus less on technology and more on lending.

  • Encompasses all steps of the loan origination process—from lead to post funding
  • Enables all users to see a loan’s status and activity in real time
  • Minimizes hardware costs and IT resource burdens
  • Simplifies loan program selection
  • Integrates with outside information resources and services so that users never have to leave the program
  • Speeds underwriting without compromising loan quality
  • Color-coded screen features red and green lights that direct users to the next action
  • Patented dynamic workflow enables automation to accelerate loan processing
  • Provides validation testing that speeds you through corrections and additions
  • As a cloud-based system, it disseminates near-instant updates to all users, regardless of location

What Is Loan Center NSP?

It’s a cloud-based connectivity platform that enables lenders to integrate their internal systems and connect with external vendors and business partners.

Adapt to Change Quickly

We designed our NSP to address the demands of a rapidly changing market by giving you the agility to connect internal systems and external resources.

Streamline Systems to Lower Costs

NSP offers a unified conduit that reduces the number and complexity of connections between systems and data resources. By simplifying the connection architecture, NSP adds reliability, improves security, and reduces systems maintenance costs.

  • Enables lenders to remain agile
  • Improves communication between internal systems
  • Enables users working in Loan Center to connect to external data resources, analytics, and validation tools
  • Allows users to order services from outside vendors from within Loan Center
  • Reduces system complexities to improve reliability and security
  • Reduces integration project costs
  • Lowers system maintenance costs
    • Moves connections from the system level to a unified cloud platform, replacing complex point-to-point connections that have accumulated over time
    • Provides an integration platform to connect internal systems
    • Consolidates and rationalizes technology to improve reliability, efficiency, and security, while lowering maintenance costs
    • Enables connection to outside data resources; applications, such as fraud detection systems; and third-party services, such as appraisals and title insurance
    • Manages system-connection issues, including security, routing, message validation, data transformations, synchronous and asynchronous control, failure recovery, retry policy, monitoring, and logging