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Meet Today’s Changing Market Dynamics

The evolving market dynamics of mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, and advisory firms necessitates innovative and granular loan level data solutions like the Loan-Level Market Analytics and Loan-Level Home Equity datasets from CoreLogic.

That’s why CoreLogic is pleased to announce the introduction of a new value add subscription module for the Loan-Level Home Equity data product! 

The new Loan-Level Home Equity Sr. Lien Module combines matched home equity line and loan contributed servicing data to the property record for senior lien perspective. The Sr. Lien LLHE module also identifies associated Loan-Level Market Analytics loans to the Loan-Level Home Equity dataset.

Get More From Your Loan-Level Home Equity Data

Make More Informed Decisions

Get a robust combination of Loan Level Home Equity and property record data that provides senior lien transparency.

Better Understand Your 1st Lien Exposure

When combined with our Loan-Level Market Analytics, know when and why the senior lien is affecting your home equity when matching for associated Loan-Level Home Equity.

Get Data From One Source

This value-added subscription is easily available through the TrueStandings® FTP where your current Loan-Level Home Equity data is delivered today.

Leverage Ready Data

The Loan-Level Home Equity Sr. Lien Module launch will include two file options that provide the following:

    • Limited sr. lien information retrieved from the property record relative to the matched active lines and loans within the Loan-Level Home Equity data product
    • Matched Loan-Level Market Analytics LOAN_ID associated to corresponding active Loan-Level Home Equity LOAN_ID

Feature Highlights

  • If you subscribe to the Loan-Level Home Equity Sr. Lien Module you will also receive the matched LOAN_ID file If you subscribe to both of the LLHE and LLMA products
  • The property record file will be available as a subscription to LLHE even if you don’t currently subscribe to the LLMA product
  • Coverage for active Loan-Level Home Equity lines and loans starting from data period 348 – December 2017