Mortgage compliance in today’s environment is a moving target. With the multitude of regulatory agencies and requirement updates, sampling and manual loan reviews no longer offer the level of confidence that mortgage lenders need. LoanSafe Compliance Manager™, powered by ComplianceEase®, delivers a holistic approach to automated, loan-level reviews that drive the proactive and consistent compliance risk management lenders need to protect themselves from monetary penalties, reputational damage and the inability to operate or lend. LoanSafe Compliance Manager is the answer for automated, cost-effective and comprehensive audits.

LoanSafe Compliance Manager leverages ComplianceAnalyzer®, to produce comprehensive and independent reviews and an at-a-glance risk analysis in one clear, detailed audit report.

Automatically Detect Compliance Issues With Pinpoint Accuracy

LoanSafe Compliance Manager leverages ComplianceAnalyzer’s comprehensive and independent review process to deliver at-a-glance risk analysis in one clear, detailed audit report. Potential issues are flagged with narrative explanations and reference the reasoning, calculations, citations and text of the associated legislation. Staff and management can collaborate in real-time to track and resolve areas of risk.

ComplianceAnalyzer® offers real-time audits, including thousands of rules across multiple jurisdictions, such as:

Built for TRID

ComplianceAnalyzer provides flexible TRID compliance for different origination channels and workflows, offering the choice to audit loan terms at each point in the loan lifecycle or implement complete monitoring of all fees and disclosures throughout the lending process. ComplianceAnalyzer audit reports serve as an independent third-party compliance review, providing evidence of TRID compliance. Audits and compliance monitoring throughout origination include:

  • Loan Estimate (LE) and Closing Disclosure (CD) delivery timing sequencing, fee names and fee tolerance
  • Changed circumstances and reasons for redisclosures
  • Post-consummation cure analysis

Robust Functionality, Clear Reporting

RiskIndicator™ Matrix

ComplianceAnalyzer organizes results of loan-level compliance reviews into one easy-to-understand screen. With a single click, users can access the complete audit trail of reviews performed on each loan with regulations cited per test.

Comprehensive Findings Analysis

When potential violations or exceptions are detected, the system provides specific detail and narrative explanations to help understand the finding. Mortgage Compliance Analysis Reports reference the reasoning, calculations, citations, and text of relevant legislation to help guide corrective actions.

Collaboration and Dynamic Reporting

Management and staff can track and resolve issues efficiently and collaboratively within a secure, online environment. Management also has access to powerful reporting tools that instantly track risk in real-time.

ComplianceAnalyzer Delivers

Compliance decision rendered in seconds
Comprehensive loan-level reports supported by detailed regulatory and cure analyses
Industry standard baseline RiskIndicator
Exception tracking and reporting
Exportable management reports
One-click delivery of loan portfolios to investors and regulators