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Turn Static Information Into Dynamic Insight

With LoanSafe Connect, risk management professionals can interact directly with LoanSafe Risk Manager and Fraud Manager reports, including evaluating and clearing fraud alerts in real time online. Whether working individually or collaboratively throughout the origination process, “working the file” has never been so easy, so transparent and so efficient. What's more, LoanSafe Connect is included at no additional charge!

Alerts Example

On-Demand Reporting Tool for Insights at Your Fingertips

LoanSafe Connect provides users with an online Reporting Tool for their LoanSafe reports, including alert frequency analysis, risk score distribution and user production performance. With the Reporting Tool, you get data visualizations that make the reports easy to understand, and the ability to benchmark your organization against the industry for a broader view of your risk.

Fraud Score Distribution

The Next Level of Productivity and Transparency

LoanSafe Connect Is an Intuitive, Web-Based Review Tool Allowing:

  • Electronic notations to be stored with the LoanSafe report that are accessible to others working on the loan
  • Real time status tracking of the loan review and risk management process
  • Capture of an audit trail, including when decisions were made and by whom
  • Export of a final Alerts Summary that can be attached to the loan file
  • Post-funding quality and fraud control testing that clearly demonstrates how alerts were addressed
  • Achievement of full compliance by keeping predictive scores pure – LoanSafe scores are not altered through clearing alerts

Why Choose LoanSafe?

Why choose LoanSafe over other fraud providers? Take a look at what our customers had to say.

Predictive Integrity: What Sets LoanSafe Connect Apart

LoanSafe Risk and Fraud Manager are uniquely backed by data derived directly from the CoreLogic Mortgage Fraud Consortium. This data is used to develop rank-ordered predictive fraud risk scores. While LoanSafe Connect allows users to track activity regarding the clearing of individual alerts and loan review status, the predictive score always retains its integrity – similar to a credit score. This critical

score will not change based on user interaction, giving investors complete visibility into the score, and clearly demonstrating full and proper review processes.

How It Works

Incorporating LoanSafe Connect Into Your Workflow Couldn’t Be More Seamless.

LoanSafe Connect provides easy-to-navigate intuitive functionality to see a report summary, view and clear alerts, and more.

Step 1

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Simply order a LoanSafe report through® or your existing Loan Origination System (LOS). A hyperlink will be included in the report that takes you directly to the loan within the LoanSafe Connect portal. You can also quickly find reports within LoanSafe Connect by logging in directly to the system and performing a search.

Step 2

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Document actions – add notes, clear or indicate that you are unable to clear – at both an alert- or loan-level in the Alerts page of LoanSafe Connect. The Alerts page also allows you to easily see the actions others have taken during the review.

Step 3

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When your review is complete, print or export the Alert Summary as a PDF into your LOS system or approved document storage solution. The Alert Summary allows for easy post-funding quality and fraud control testing, and provides critical insight that clearly demonstrates to investors how alerts were addressed.

Why LoanSafe?

Unsurpassed Precision in Mortgage Risk Detection

Risk mitigation solutions are only as good as the data and analytics behind them - and CoreLogic solutions draw from the most current, complete and relevant property data collection available and combines it with industry leading analytics and patented pattern recognition technology. In addition, LoanSafe solutions incorporate data from the nation’s largest contributed loan-level database, including:

  • Mortgage Fraud Consortium with contributed fraud outcome data and 100 million loan applications
  • Publicly recorded data on 99% of U.S. properties 
  • Built on the LoanSafe market-leading proprietary risk, undisclosed debt and multi-lien platform

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Mortgage Risk Management Solution

  • Reduce exposure to mortgage fraud and collateral risk with one solution
  • Patented pattern-recognition fraud model built with contributed fraud outcome data
  • Reduce early payment default and repurchase requests
  • Easily validate appraised values and property flipping
  • Focus prevention resources on high-risk applications
  • Customizable to your processes and risk threshold
  • Flexible delivery options via batch, XML, web-based platforms or LOS

CoreLogic leverages this data, analytics and experience to deliver the solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We are ready to help you achieve your business goals.


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