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Unsurpassed Precision in Mortgage Risk Detection

Residential mortgage risk presents itself in many shapes and forms; requiring lenders, servicers and investors to remain agile and use the most advanced detection and decision solutions available – all while keeping costs low and efficiency high. LoanSafe Risk Manager™ from CoreLogic® answers the need by combining industry leading data, analytics and patented pattern recognition technology in one easy-to-implement report. 

Why Choose LoanSafe?

Why choose LoanSafe over other fraud providers? Take a look at what our customers had to say.

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Use Our Report to Identify

  • Income Falsification
  • Identity Fraud/Theft
  • Employment Inconsistencies
  • Owner Occupancy
  • Inaccurate Valuation
  • Undisclosed Debt
  • Straw Borrowers
  • Collateral and Market Risk
  • Third Party Certification
  • Valuation Risk/Property Flipping

Dual Analysis for Comprehensive Risk Evaluation

LoanSafe Risk Manager employs a multi-layer process designed to target both collateral threat and fraudulent activity. LoanSafe Collateral Manager™ and LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ work in tandem within LoanSafe Risk Manager, simultaneously minimizing your collateral risk, maximizing fraud detection and meeting your compliance requirements.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager

White icon with person in magnifying glass.

Patented pattern-recognition fraud model

White icon of database.

Powered by the CoreLogic consortium database - over 100 million loan applications

White icon of a person  with a listing beside of them.

Third-party monitoring

White icon of an accuracy symbol.

Alerts paired with accurate, material data drive the loan review – generating a consistent and repeatable process

LoanSafe Collateral Manager

Red icon of data squares.

Single-source for listing information, nearby sale data, condo/hotel database and more

Red icon of a house with a dollar sign.

Industry-leading automated valuation engine and LoanPerformance™ HPI data

Red icon of a house in foreclosure.

Measure the risk of foreclosure and loss severity specifically related to mortgage collateral

Red icon of graph.

Market analysis to reconcile the property valuation provided

Powerful Features to Streamline Your Fraud Mitigation Efforts

LoanSafe Risk Manager utilizes a patented fraud model that analyzes trends based on mortgage application data and contributed fraud outcomes, coupled with a comprehensive analysis of the subject property and surrounding market – resulting in a thorough view of mortgage risk with unprecedented accuracy. 

The Fraud and Collateral Risk Scores give instant transparency into the likelihood of material misrepresentation and the degree of foreclosure risk associated with the subject property.  They determine the degree of risk associated with loan file and can help tailor the review process accordingly. Scores are developed independently from the alerts, providing you with multiple risk viewpoints.

Fraud alerts highlight specific areas of borrower or third party inconsistency, while appraisal review alerts focus on areas of property or market concern.  Each alert offers coinciding recommended actions that direct reviewers to areas of further investigation. Alerts can be customized to your review processes and risk threshold, making LoanSafe Risk Manager a unique tool that conforms to your business practices.  

Alert Review: LoanSafe Connect™ is a secure, online site that offers you the ability to review and interact with LoanSafe Risk Manager and LoanSafe Fraud Manager reports in real time, allowing staff to work collaboratively yet independently on file review. The predictive risk scores are kept pure when alerts are addressed, adding to the integrity of the report.

Reporting: The Reporting tool within LoanSafe Connect allows you to have on-demand access to enterprise-level data on your LoanSafe Risk Manager, LoanSafe Fraud Manager and LoanSafe Collateral Manager transactions. When utilizing the  Reporting tool, you can see the most frequent alerts generated across all your loans, evaluate the risk score distribution, and view the number of loans reviewed by your team members.

The Reporting tool also allows you to:

  • Benchmark yourself against the industry
  • Quickly adjust and filter the metrics to suit your needs
  • Easily investigate anomalies or trends with in-depth analysis

 LoanSafe Connect turns static information in the LoanSafe report into dynamic insight. 

Settlement agents handle funds on every mortgage transaction in the country, yet they are rarely screened as potential fraud risks. Settlement Agent Risk Assessment (SARA), available as an add-on to your LoanSafe Risk Manager Report screens third party actors against a database of over 75,000 agents and helps:

  • Verify the identity and background of agents 
  • Verify licenses of agents and companies
  • Verify insurance coverage
  • Verify data privacy and internal control
  • Verify wire and trust account details

Get a thorough analysis of the most common fraud risks associated with a borrower. 

  • Identity: Validates the borrower’s Social Security Number and scans for other identities.
  • Income: Analyzes the reasonableness of the borrowers reported income. 
  • Loan Application Summary: Discern if your borrower is linked to other properties which may not be disclosed in the loan application through the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS®) and CoreLogic Consortium data.
  • WatchList Screening against OFAC, HUD, SAM Exclusions and more.

Screen or validate broker, loan officer and other loan participant information against state and federal licensing databases, exclusionary lists, as well as your own.  LoanSafe Fraud Manager will check:

  • NMLS Registration
  • OFAC
  • SAM Exclusions (Formerly GSA EPLS)
  • HUD
  • And More!

A valuation and street map visually details the subject property’s location and proximity to nearby sales.  Variations in map shading provide reviewers with a visual representation of property values within the area.

Subject and nearby property characteristics, ownership and deed history, mortgage history, foreclosure information and more are combined into a single report section. Quickly pinpoint inconsistencies or unusual patterns and easily view nearby property information.

Why LoanSafe Is the Right Choice

Risk mitigation solutions are only as good as the data and analytics behind them - and CoreLogic solutions draw from the most current, complete and relevant property data collection available and combines it with industry leading analytics and patented pattern recognition technology. In addition, LoanSafe solutions incorporate data from the nation’s largest contributed loan-level database, including:

  • Mortgage Fraud Consortium, containing contributed fraud outcome and loan application data from more than 100 million loans
  • Publicly recorded data on 99 percent of U.S. properties
  • Built on the LoanSafe market-leading proprietary risk, undisclosed debt and multi-lien platform

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Mortgage Risk Management Solution

  • Reduce Exposure to Mortgage Fraud and Collateral Risk With One Solution
  • Patented Pattern-Recognition Fraud Model Built With Contributed Fraud Outcome Data
  • Reduce Early Payment Default and Repurchase Requests
  • Easily Validate Appraised Values and Property Flipping
  • Focus Prevention Resources on High Risk Applications
  • Customizable to Your Processes and Risk Threshold
  • Flexible Delivery Options via Batch, XML, Web-Based Platforms or LOS

CoreLogic leverages this data, analytics and experience to deliver the solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. We are ready to help you achieve your business goals.

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