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Simplify LQI Compliance

Designed to help lenders satisfy requirements under the Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative (LQI), the LQ GAP report provides a fully automated variance or "gap" reporting solution that identifies and summarizes any changes in a borrower’s credit report between pre-approval and pre-funding.

Deliver Quality Loans

The LQ GAP report quickly collects, organizes and compares any changes in tradelines, inquiries, balances, alerts and other credit profile factors that could surface between the initial prequalifying credit report and prefunding – helping lenders uncover undisclosed debt that could result in a loan buyback.

Product Details

Provides an at-a-glance summary of any inquiries or new credit liabilities prior to closing

Allows lenders to make fast, reliable lending decisions to help them avoid loan buy-backs

Results generated in seconds

Fully compliant Fannie Mae LQI solution