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Spot the Housing Downturn Before it Happens

Since the end of the housing crisis of the Great Recession, the housing market has enjoyed a long period of slow, steady home price increases, greatly simplifying risk management. But with the COVID-19 health crisis as well as recent macro-economic events unfolding, there is a high degree of uncertainty about the future state of housing markets. In addition, most economists believe that the risks over the next 12 - 24 months will be regional, with varying degrees of severity.

Market Risk Indicators are designed to predict the probability of a home price decline over the next 12-month period.. Every month, clients will receive data based on the latest economic and housing analytics, along with a probability for two price decline severities. 

A Fast, Cost-Effective Method to Identify At-Risk Markets

Market Risk Indicators is an analytic product that provides probability scores for home price declines in the Top 392 CBSAs as well as all 50 states and Washington DC.

Probability Scores

CoreLogic Data and Economic Data from IHS Markit

CoreLogic HPI and HPI Forecast

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

  • Saves time and money
  • Helps determine market strategy for originations
  • Allows for better origination credit risk management
  • Assists with portfolio management

Gain Detailed Insight on Housing Markets

  • Score demonstrates the probability of a ≥ 10% price decline and < 10% price decline
  • In depth economic data for each CBSA is provided
  • Developed by the same data scientists that created the CoreLogic HPI and HPI Forecast