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Get an Early View of Real Estate Market Health

Every month, we combine ZIP code-level public recordings of home sales, prices and foreclosure filings with mortgage performance into a single dataset that provides a unique monthly snapshot of market trends. MarketTrends allows you to identify potential markets for expansion, spot valuation trends, analyze performance and perform benchmarking.

CoreLogic is the nation’s largest provider of advanced property and ownership information, analytics and solutions. We obtain property records from county recorder offices across the nation and mortgage performance information from our LoanPerformance securities and servicing databases. The databases contain information on more than 45 million loans, representing more than 85 percent of all outstanding mortgage loans. We capture that data monthly at the ZIP-code level and aggregate it to county, CBSA and state levels for comprehensive U.S. coverage.

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Identify and Assess Real Estate Risk

MarketTrends provides key data points related to market health, delinquency and foreclosures, transactions that can be used to identify potential markets for opportunity.  Within those markets, you can use MarketTrends for benchmarking and analyzing performance, risk, valuation trends and local real estate cycles.

Real Power to Evaluate Markets

The extensive, detailed, monthly market health coverage from MarketTrends lets you:

  • Monitor real estate trends at ZIP, county, CBSA, state and national levels to develop and fine tune investment strategies
  • Identify hard, soft or at-risk markets with ease
  • Evaluate markets by delinquency, foreclosure and negative equity trends
  • Benchmark national trends against local geographies


Data derived from multiple sources, including public record, servicing and securities data

Historical data available for most fields from 2000 to present

Data available by monthly subscription

Coverage spans 50 states, more than 3,100 counties, 900+ CBSAs and more than 37,000 ZIP codes

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MarketTrends Data Fields

  • 90-day delinquency
  • Preforeclosure starts (NOD)
  • Foreclosure starts
  • Foreclosure sale starts
  • Foreclosures
  • REO
  • Median sales price
  • Median price per square foot
  • Median LTV
  • Number of sales
  • Loan count
  • Housing stock
  • Negative equity share
  • Negative equity