Marketrac provides lenders, title companies and builders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type.

With Marketrac, You Can:

View current market trends

Access nationwide graphical and tabular data

Conduct nationwide search

Compare your organization to your competitors

Surgical Market Intelligence,
Comprehensive Business Insight

Add precision to planning sales territories and quotas, managing sales representative or branch office performance, and locating expansion markets. Accurate and fast, this powerful database provides publicly recorded mortgage transactions through a user-friendly website where you can choose from dozens of report options for tracking lender, title and geographic area transaction volume.

Markets From Every Angle

Spot emerging markets and track loan origination activity by ZIP code(s), county or counties, MSA(s), state(s) or nationwide. Marketrac gives you the flexibility to search among specific loan types, including new home, resale of existing home, construction, REO sales, timeshares, refinance and equity loans. You can further refine your search through residential/non-residential, fixed rate/adjustable rate and conventional/government loans. Specify the type of transactions you’re focused on, and Marketrac will provide details for which lender and title companies hold concentrated shares.

Information That Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

View loans by product or geography to uncover competitors’ strategies or by builder name to target developers for subdivision loans. Customize searches monthly or quarterly over the most recent three years, including current month-to-date and year-to-date searches, to compare current and historical activity.

New Insight into Origination Activity

Introducing the Marketrac NMLS ID Report - this new report provides Loan Officer and Loan Company identification numbers on each mortgage loan transaction where the information is required, per the S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act (Regulation G). Efficiently identify or validate top originators in a given market. In a single report, you can:

Identify top originators in a market

Know the types of loans each originator is producing

Understand how your originators compare and rank in market performance

Refine sales goals for greater success based on market potential

The Power of Best-in-Class Data

The data used in Marketrac is collected for statistical analysis and summary. Lender and title company names are standardized, mortgage amounts are key-verified and high-liability transactions are reviewed to ensure data integrity. Utilize interactive dashboards to analyze your data with color charts that can graph any column of data in each report. Access geographic and transaction detail reports within an existing report without performing a new search.

Additional Benefits

Key Marketrac Features

  • Flexible search options for mortgage origination, deed and new construction data
  • Nationwide coverage with up to five years of historical activity
  • Ability to identify relationships between title companies, lenders and developers
  • Loan information compiled from publicly recorded documents
  • Search and profile transactions by lender and title company, geographic area and transaction detail
  • Database that is updated daily based on newly recorded activity
  • Critical data elements such as title company, lender names and amounts that are key-verified for accuracy
  • Ability for users to create lender or title groups
  • Detailed county coverage dates listed for geography selected
  • Access to a nationwide coverage table displaying data available by county, which is updated daily
  • Loan/transaction amounts that are displayed for each loan/transaction type selected
  • Lender name or title company
  • Mortgage amount
  • Geographic area – down to ZIP code
  • Residential and non-residential
  • Transaction type – resale of existing home, new home, refinance, equity loan and construction
  • Conventional and government
  • Fixed and adjustable rate
  • Ability to search nationwide
  • View record level detail in your report
  • Lender and title profiles
  • Monthly trends
  • Lending and title activity by ZIP code(s), county or counties, MSA(s) or state(s)
  • Market potential and growth

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