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A Complete Guide to Commercial Building Costs

The flagship Marshall & Swift® Valuation Service cost manual is the complete and authoritative appraisal guide for developing replacement costs and depreciated values of commercial structures. An industry standard throughout the United States, U.S. territories, and most major cities in Canada, the Marshall & Swift Valuation Service references more than 30,000 component costs, over 300 building occupancies, and includes costs for “green” features.

With more than 80 years of experience, Marshall & Swift building cost data from CoreLogic incorporates three cost methodologies ensuring users have the tools for a complete and defensible determination of value.

With multiple methodologies, including the square foot, segregated and unit-in-place method; regularly updated cost data and free full-time technical support, the Marshall & Swift Valuation Service eliminates the guesswork of the cost approach.

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Cost Methodologies

Square Foot Methodology

The most commonly used calculator/ assumptive valuation method based on the gross square footage of dwellings by location.

Segregated Methodology

Uses component-by-component costs of superstructures such as foundation, floor structure, elevators, electrical, etc.

Unit-in-Place Costs

Individual pricing components such as canopies, bank vaults, surface parking lot info, elevators, and tanks, etc.


  • Improved consistency and accuracy in your property valuations
  • Access to historical costing
  • The ability to adjust for different classes, sizes, shapes and quality levels and interpolate between classes and quality levels
  • Receive monthly updates to maintain up-to-date and accurate costs
  • Cost indexes to more than 800 specific geographical areas in Canada, the United States and its territories
  • Defendable values that help you remain in full regulatory compliance