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Access Meaningful and Actionable Property Information

MLS Data-Driven Solutions is a fusion of Multiple Listing Service data (secured from the Partner InfoNet Program, PIN), public record information, market trends and analytics within a centralized CoreLogic database. Risk Managers, Fraud Managers, Underwriters, Appraisers, Servicers and Valuation Professionals can benefit from a complete and reliable source of property information.

Partner InfoNet Program

PIN is a membership based program where MLS organizations contribute their data to CoreLogic for the exclusive creation of risk management and detection related products. In return, MLS organizations receive compensation for the use of their data. Permitted use of this MLS data includes:

  • Asset Management
  • Property Valuation, Estimation and Verification
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Due Diligence
  • Mortgage Servicing
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Underwriting
  • Portfolio Review

Obtain Data Through a Variety of Methods

A variety of derivative products for the purpose of Risk Management have been created, including: Listing and Market Activity Reports, Listing Briefs, Listing History Reports, Trend Reports and Listing Alerts. Access these risk management products through batch fulfillment, custom match and append services and the following CoreLogic platforms.


AppraiserSuite streamlines your market research with MLS and Public Record data in a singular workspace, allowing for quicker and easier property and comparable data collection.

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RealQuest® Professional 

RealQuest® Professional provides property information, homeowner data and real estate analytics to help you to gain insight to make better informed business decisions.

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Benefit From MLS Data-Driven Products

Whether you are a Credit Risk Manager, Fraud Manager, Underwriter, Appraiser or a Loan Servicer, you need insight into the current market conditions to better detect fraudulent activity or to monitor the overall risk of your collateral. Benefit from the variety of products, based on MLS Data, that will soon be created by CoreLogic.

Derivative Product 
or Service
RealQuest® Professional
MLS Data Packages
Custom Match and Append Services
Listing and Marketing Activity Report







Listing Brief






MLS Photos







Listing History






Basic or Premium Data Package












Product Benefits

Discover the many benefits of MLS Data Driven Solutions and gain insight into current market conditions. You'll be better equipped to detect fraudulent activity or to monitor the overall risk of collateral. 

  • Locate the most recent information on collateral assets and nearby listing activity - daily data refresh is most beneficial to Risk and Fraud Managers
  • Utilize valuable trend data featuring median sales price, sales activity and rent sales - updated weekly
  • Benefit from MLS Data that is secured directly from the MLS to ensure the most accurate and current listing information on a property
  • Access robust MLS data that is standardized for easy searching across land use, property type, listing status, days on market and more...
  • Apply our comprehensive property-centric information to your workflow 
  • Leverage expertise from CoreLogic's team of economists to monitor and analyze relevant real estate and market data from various sources including MLS, public record and mortgage transactions
  • Coverage - Access public record data that covers 99.7% of the U.S. population
  • MLS photos - View the most recent listing photos for a specific property to help determine its current condition
  • Foreclosure / Short-Sale Data - Locate distressed properties in your selected area
  • Lenders - MLS Data-Driven Solutions provides Lenders with timely and accurate information (analytics / solutions) to support risk management initiatives 
  • Appraisers- Appraisers seeking to improve the quality of valuation products and services (to lenders) can benefit from MLS Data-Driven Solutions reports 
  • Government- MLS Data-Driven Solutions provides government agencies with a solution for risk management initiatives

Listing and Market Activity Report

Comprehensive Tool to Assist With Lending and Funding Processes

Benefit from the most comprehensive property and market report  with the Listing and Market Activity Report™ (LAMAR). LAMAR offers for the most timely, accurate and complete coverage available directly from participating MLSs and the CoreLogic public record databases.

Combining MLS Data With Public Record Databases

Leverage MLS data obtained directly from the local MLS in real time to obtain precise property information to complete risk management assessment or property valuation, including:

  • Public record and listing status on subject property
  • Comparable sales including recently closed sales
  • Comparable listings
  • Foreclosure or short sale status
  • Current market conditions
  • Pricing, Listing and DOM trends

Sample Uses for the LAMAR

Credit Risk Managers

Analyze market trends and statistics and review property foreclosure status to support risk management initiatives.


Aid with a funding decision by reviewing the subject property profile including local market trends

Valuation Professionals

Value a property using the PASS® Prospector AVM, comparable sales and listings

Loan Servicers

Identify property listing, foreclosure or short sale status

Experience the benefit of having access to real time MLS datavia the Listing and Market Activity Report throughout your risk management and valuation operations.

Available today via RealQuest® Professional, AppraiserSuite, Connect2Data® and AVMSelect®.