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Mortgage Credit Report

The Mortgage Credit Report, also known as Verification of Mortgage (VOM), is documentation of a borrower's mortgage payment history that is often required when applying for a loan. It’s used to verify existing mortgage balances and monthly payments, and to check for any late payments on the account.

Instant Merge Upgrades

The Mortgage Credit Report is an upgrade to Instant Merge, the most widely available and accepted merged credit reporting solution in the mortgage industry. Instant Merge offers a wide range of product upgrades to provide a more thorough credit analysis.

Product Details

Instant Merge and the Mortgage Credit Report Upgrade Allow:

  • Access available upgrades when you require additional investigative items on an Instant Merge report
  • Search open balances, accounts in disputes and more
  • Verify existing mortgage balances and monthly payments
  • Access credit information on complex credit histories
  • View historical credit information as far back as seven years on borrower and co-borrower