Non-Traditional Credit Reports & Scores

Credit Report

Access unique credit performance information gathered from businesses that do not typically report prior payment activity to traditional credit reference agencies. Our Nontraditional Credit Report includes:

  • Credit score (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number (SSN) validation
  • Previous inquiries
  • Open and paid loan performance
  •  Open and paid charge-offs
  • Skip-guard

LendOptix™ Credit Scores

Whether you operate in a “bricks and mortar” or online environment, assessing the credit risk of short-term, alternative credit applicants has never been more important. Teletrack simplifies the lending decision-making process by delivering a score based on objective assessments of payment default risk—all tailored to your unique applicant pool.

When you submit an inquiry, Teletrack goes to work:

  • Evaluates the type of applicant before applying specific predictive variables
  • Unites proprietary credit performance data from CoreLogic Teletrack—the industry’s largest single source of alternative credit performance data—along with traditional credit performance data and identity information
  • Leverages extensive data sets to identify and weigh the most predictive, relevant variables based on the type of applicant
  • Employs a three-digit score and reason codes, which are returned along with our Nontraditional Credit Report and summary attributes

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