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A Storm is Brewing

The landfall of Hurricane Harvey near Port O’Connor, Texas, in 2017 marked the first landfall of a major hurricane along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. The absence of a major hurricane landfall during this period was exceptional given the historic average of six major hurricanes (Categories 3-5) per decade.  

Hurricanes like Harvey and Katrina don’t happen every day, but they do happen—and it’s important to understand what’s at stake for when that day comes.

North Atlantic Hurricane Model

Don’t Get Caught in the Rain (or Hurricane)

The CoreLogic® North Atlantic Hurricane Model provides a granular, up-to-date, detailed risk model to appropriately and rationally estimate risk and obtain a better understanding of capital adequacy for the separate or combined perils of hurricane winds and coastal storm-surge flooding. 

The model offers a complete view of the risk for all perils and sub-perils. Along with the wind and storm-surge losses in this model, high-resolution inland flood losses are available for all hurricane events in the model when used in conjunction with the CoreLogic U.S. Inland Flood model.

Certified Since 1997

The North Atlantic Hurricane Model is part of the Catastrophe Risk Management suite and is included in the global multi-peril catastrophe modeling platform, RQE® (Risk Quantification & Engineering).

The North Atlantic Hurricane Model is updated biennially and has been certified by the Florida Commission Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology (FCHLPM) since the inception of the process in 1997.

The following table shows the certified model versions, the dates of acceptability and expiration of acceptability:

North Atlantic Table

Model Details

  • The model covers 20 states along the U.S. coastline, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Gulf of Mexico
  • The U.S. model results can be calculated for wind only, or wind-, storm surge- and hurricane-induced inland flooding

  • High-resolution hazard and vulnerability modeling
  • Next-generation financial model
  • Statistically reliable, transparent and defensible
  • Validated against recent historical events
  • Can aid in regulatory compliance

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