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Provide your borrower advance notice of the need to obtain flood insurance prior to closing. With our streamlined service, CoreLogic will mail them a copy of the Notice to Borrower for properties found to be in a Special Flood Hazard Area (requiring insurance) within 48 hours of the completed determination. Eliminate costly overhead and manual processing, while providing continuity and consistent service levels through varying origination volumes.


Increase productivity

Enable Continuity

Ensure timely mailing even with staff working from home

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Minimize document errors

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Leverage printing facilities with round-the-clock service (6 days a week)

Smart System

Provides tracking to the nearest post office

CoreLogic Life of Loan Flood Determinations service now leverages our comprehensive Print and Ship capabilities to help optimize your origination process.

Mailing Service

To learn how CoreLogic can help with your Notice to Borrower requirements, contact us today at or call 866.774.3282.