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Property and Local Market Condition Report 

OnSite is a property condition report coupled with local market conditions and patent-pending features that are specifically designed to help institutions meet the Federal requirements when an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is used for mortgage lending purposes.

OnSite Delivers

  • Exterior physical inspection of the subject property
  • Photos of the property (front view, side view, street view, and address verification)
  • An overall condition rating - objectively based on a patent-pending algorithm using the physical inspection results
  • External factors observed, positive and negative, adjacent to the subject property or within the immediate neighborhood
  • Subject property detail including land use and zoning
  • Local market conditions
  • Built-in quality assurance process

OnSite Benefits

  • Designed specifically to assist in meeting regulatory guidelines for use of AVMs in lending decisions
  • Can be ordered with our industry-leading AVMs and AVM Cascades
  • Includes robust, timely information about local market conditions
  • Leverages most comprehensive data in the market, covering 99.9% of parcels in the U.S.
  • Patent-pending algorithm uses inspection results to calculate objective overall condition rating
  • Inspection performed by trained and experienced inspectors
  • Platforms support rule-based logic to order OnSite as a result of AVM outcome

OnSite Plus

OnSite Plus is an enhanced property condition report (PCR) that delivers an overall condition rating, including local market conditions, to help Lenders meet Federal Guidelines. OnSite Plus delivers everything you have come to expect from OnSite, with the added benefit of:

Licensed Inspectors

Access to Gated Communities

Faster Turn Times

The condition of a property is an essential consideration for lenders, insurers and investors, given today's real estate market. OnSite Plus is a cost-effective tool with several benefits: 

  • Specifically designed to be used with an AVM to fuel creation of an evaluation as established by the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines issued in December 2010
  • Factors the condition of the property in relation to their properties in the neighborhood
  • Photos and comment fields for as-needed explanations
  • Local market assessments based on our leading property and listing databases
  • Includes a post-inspection quality assurance process
  • Delivers robust and timely information on local market conditions

Comparison Chart

Features OnSite OnSite Plus
An exterior physical inspection of the subject property x x
An overall condition rating using a patent pending algorithm based on the answers to property condition questions x x
Photos of the subject property, street view, address verification, damages and external factors x x
Aerial maps x x
External factors that may affect marketability x x
Subject property detail including land use and zoning x x
Local market conditions x x
Licensed Inspectors - Inspections performed by a nationwide panel of 10,000 licensed real estate brokers and agents   x
Gated Community Access - Clients can now provide special access instructions, such as gate code keys, that enable our inspectors to complete more inspections. Higher hit rate means more cost savings for our clients.   x
Faster Turn Time - Typically within 3 business days   x

Product Details

OnSite provides an objective property condition assessment, based on a physical inspection conducted by trained Field Services Inspectors, and a patent-pending algorithm, and is supported by the most comprehensive data in the industry.

Exterior Physical Inspection of the Subject Property

A qualified CoreLogic Field Services Inspector conducts a physical, external inspection of the subject property and answers a series of questions about the property and neighborhood. Questions are specifically designed to identify property conditions for institutions using AVMs in lending decisions. The answers to these questions are used to create an objective overall condition rating, calculated using a patent-pending algorithm.

External Factors

If any negative external factors were seen by the Field Services Inspector adjacent to the property or within the immediate neighborhood the specific positive and negative external factors are noted.

Photos of the Property

The Field Services Inspector also takes photos of the front view, street view, and the property address, which are included in the OnSite report. The Field Services Inspector can make note of any damage or other issues observed.

Subject Property Detail

OnSite includes specific subject property detail information including zoning, land use, subdivision, lot size, building square feet, living square feet, lot square feet, bedroom/bath count, and year built.

Local Market Conditions

OnSite provides local market conditions required to satisfy the Guidelines including: Listing Analysis, Market Trends, Sales and Foreclosure Activity Trend, and HPI Forecast Trend.

How to Get It

OnSite is available as a standalone report or as part of your AVM rules management. OnSite is available across CoreLogic platforms, and supports rule-based logic to automatically trigger from the AVM result to request OnSite, including pre-screens for: Property Type, Condo-Hotels, Confidence Score Sufficiency, Value Deviations, Collateral Risk and Natural Disaster Areas.