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Manually determining payroll tax jurisdictions is inefficient and can lead to erroneous payroll fillings. Spending time correcting payroll tax errors results in remittance delays that can negatively impact a business’s cash flow. Companies that manually determine payroll tax withholding jurisdictions face a significant challenge to ensure a timely and accurate tax jurisdiction determination across an ever-changing landscape of tax rules and municipal boundary changes. Our research shows that on average, 25 percent of municipal boundaries have changes that occur each year, adding time-consuming research to a company’s accounting staff.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Using accurate payroll tax jurisdiction data is essential in order to mitigate risk and minimize W2 corrections, helping transform your payroll department’s employees from simple data-entry into business analysts. CoreLogic® utilizes high-precision geocoding to determine the accurate tax jurisdiction of an inputted address based on parcel-level location intelligence. CoreLogic Payroll Tax data provides an accurate, affordable and simple way to determine payroll tax withholding jurisdictions that helps reduce the number of W2 corrections.

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Current, Positionally Accurate Tax Jurisdictions

CoreLogic collects and regularly maintains payroll tax jurisdiction information to comply with municipal boundary changes. Information for payroll tax is provided for the lowest level at which withholding forms must be prepared, based on where employees live and/or work and the remit-to name for withholding tax. Because CoreLogic tax layers use parcel-based location intelligence to determine the tax jurisdiction, errors resulting from solutions that use only a ZIP code or ZIP+4 lookup do not occur.

Manage Your Business, Not Tax Boundaries

Tax jurisdiction information is only useful if it is up-to-date. Updated semi-annually, CoreLogic Payroll Tax data incorporates the nation’s largest parcel dataset – ParcelPoint® – the most extensive parcel data available in the U.S – to provide the most positionally accurate payroll tax jurisdiction data available.

With a staff dedicated to tracking ongoing changes, annexations, and de-annexations, CoreLogic Payroll Tax data contains the most current boundary information for all incorporated areas within the U.S. With our commitment to the accuracy and currency of our national parcel database, you can have confidence in the data you are using.

Improved Client Experience

Companies that provide payroll tax services can take the inconvenience of determining payroll tax withholding jurisdictions from their clients, and provide this as an additional in-house service. With CoreLogic Payroll Tax data, businesses can confidently determine payroll tax withholding jurisdictions for clients while potentially reducing research and personnel overhead costs.

Automated Web-Based Tax Jurisdiction Assignments

Through custom correspondence files or by generating a FIPS code, CoreLogic Payroll Tax data is compatible with popular payroll management software. Our tax layers provide the correct tax jurisdiction information, geographic coordinates and the in-city or out-of-city indicator, enabling your current payroll management software to apply the correct tax rates and tax rules. Our tax layers link the payroll service provider codes to the residence or work location, for a seamless tie-in to your service provider. Our solution, Xiance®, offers affordable and easy access to our comprehensive tax jurisdiction information, right at your fingertips.

See a Sample Location Report

Sample Location Report

Delivery Options

Spatial Web Services

An interface that delivers a set of services and tools that allow you to easily integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel, and geocoding data directly into your applications. Using a RESTful API, you can now stream our geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, and PHP.

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An ordering and delivery platform with positionally accurate tax jurisdiction and natural hazard solutions through the web – up to 100,000 files at a time – to help you make smarter business decisions.


Shapefiles are available for you to load into your existing infrastructure.


Consulting Services are comprised of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals, and senior professional software developers. This team collaborates to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via our Web Services.