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Interior and Exterior Residential Property Imagery for the Insurance Industry

In-ground Pool? Check.
Designer Kitchen? Check.
Three-car Garage? Check.

With Property Imagery, insurers now have a virtual window into a home and can easily validate property characteristics without leaving their desks. For underwriters and agents, this means increased efficiency at point-of-sale and happier homeowners since they no longer have to answer a seemingly endless string of questions about their home.


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Product Benefits

With an average of 13 interior and exterior photos per residential address, Property Imagery will help you identify hidden risks such as an in-ground pool that isn’t fenced, distressed properties or obvious code violations.

Other benefits can include:
  • The ability to assess quality upgrades such as custom kitchens
  • Creating more accurate property profiles for better Insurance to Value (ITV)
  • The potential to circumvent costly inspections for vanilla risks
  • Assessment of a property’s current condition

Integrated into our RCT Express® Valuation and Risk Assessment Platform, CoreLogic continues to deliver on the strategy to provide a more Complete View of Property® to insurers.

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