Property Listing Verification identifies the true listing history of a property to reduce risk and losses associated with ineffective asset marketing and fraud.

The report enables default and REO managers to accurately assess what is being done to market a specific REO property. It also helps investors protect against recent price reductions that may have occurred within a portfolio and helps quality control departments monitor processes to better deter fraud.

View REO Sales Activity at a Glance

  • Local market real estate professionals perform all research
  • Report is available within two business days
  • Property Listing Verification report includes:
    • Property currently listed verification:
      • Current listing price
      • Original listing price (if different)
      • Number of days on the market
    • Property not currently listed verification:
      • Confirmation (if listed in previous 12 months)
      • Listing price(s) (if listed previously)
      • Number of days on the market each time listed

Product Benefits

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Enables default and REO managers to determine property listing status and history quickly to help determine the best go-forward list price or marketing solution

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Provides portfolio acquirers with visibility into recent price reductions that might impact valuations

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Allows quality control departments to monitor existing processes and detect collusion to help prevent fraud