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For your borrowers, nothing less than having the best available data at closing is required. When it comes to real property tax data, borrowers expect accurate and timely information throughout the mortgage life cycle. Why is accurate real property tax data important? A borrower's first impression of your company will have the greatest impact. A negative closing experience can generate an unfavorable view of your company and create potential future servicing challenges.

Accurate real property tax information is the foundation for building a flawless borrower experience. CoreLogic offers the Property Tax Estimator to serve as the cornerstone of your real property tax data procurement process.

This data solution helps lenders streamline the closing process while managing client expectations. By combining up-to-date tax information with our proprietary estimation engine, Property Tax Estimator helps deliver a comprehensive view of real property tax information for a specific address, even for new construction loans.

Improved Productivity

Let your team focus on loan origination tasks while we procure real property tax data information

Access accurate real property tax information for a specific property address at the time of loan application

Provides quick address verification

Valid addresses get a response with agency information including new construction

Access estimated annual tax amounts as well as the most current actual tax amounts available in our database

Standard, Professional and Enterprise versions provide the right level of features and functionality for your teams

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Quickly Build Borrower Trust With Accurate Tax Information

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White Paper

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