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Automatically delivered with your applicant’s credit report, ProScan Index provides a three-digit numeric score (ranging from 000 to 999) that indicates the level of risk associated with that applicant – the higher the score, the greater the probability of identity risk. Also included with every ProScan Index order is a Red Flag Summary Report designed to show you a quick and easy summary of possible Red Flags on your applicant.

Fast Delivery. Easy To Read.

ProScan Index helps you quickly confirm an applicant’s identity by verifying their social security number, address and telephone number. Generated in seconds, it provides an ID risk score along with easy-to-read explanations for any ID inconsistencies. Discrepancies are displayed in a logical, simplified layout for easy interpretation.

FREE Red Flag Summary Report

Included free when you sign up for ProScan Index, you’ll automatically get our Red Flag Summary – a streamlined report that summarizes critical consumer identity verification information. The summary report is designed to help you quickly and easily reference pertinent applicant identity information to help you assess risk, minimize fraud related losses and maintain compliance with the Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Red Flags Rule.

Product Details

An easy, convenient ID verification tool that helps satisfy requirements under the Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Red Flags Rule

Helps protect lenders and brokers against fraud and identity theft

Easy-to-read explanations for any ID inconsistencies

Three-digit score: the higher the score the greater the likelihood of identity risk

Delivered automatically with every credit report