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CIP Compliance

ProScan OFAC can assist you with Customer Identification Program (CIP) compliance efforts. Part of the USA PATRIOT Act, CIP requires businesses to form a reasonable belief as to the true identity of each of their customers and screen them against government watch lists, such as those maintained by OFAC. ProScan OFAC helps satisfy this requirement, guarding against money laundering and terrorist financing as well as protecting you from risks associated with non-compliance.

ProScan OFAC automatically checks all of your applicants against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) database and, within seconds, returns easy-to-review results. Optimum best match results are delivered based on an advanced matching algorithm that recognizes misspellings, alternate foreign spellings, typographical errors and abbreviations.

Convenient Integration

Easily integrated into your existing LOS and other systems, ProScan OFAC is conveniently accessible at any point of the workflow process, from screening and prequalification, application, and underwriting to post-close/QC and servicing.

Product Features

  • Helps satisfy compliance requirements for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Red Flags Rule
  • Advanced match logic reduces the likelihood of false positives
  • Simultaneous applicant and co-applicant screening
  • Helps mitigate repurchase, default and delinquency costs
  • Delivers fast, easy-to-read results with detailed data when possible matches are found

Customer Service

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