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Real Estate CRM Powered by Prospects Software

Prospects advanced CRM and mobile solutions can be integrated with Matrix™ to help real estate brokers and agents better manage their leads, clients, past clients and their day-to-day business.  Agents can manage showings and follow-ups, stay in touch with clients, share their calendar with team members.  It offers a seamless experience between CRM, mobile and Matrix™, and much more.


  • Listing integration (Real Estate Board)
  • Calendar designed for real estate agents
  • Robust contact manager
  • Social media marketing
  • Action plans
  • Showing management
  • Mobile

Modern, Intuitive CRM

Simple, elegant, and powerful – the Prospects CRM delivers a modern dashboard, contact management, agent focused calendaring, team collaboration tools, showing management, and more.

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Prospects CRM
Prospects CRM PRO

Prospects CRM PRO®

For agents who need it all – CRM PRO delivers the premier suite of efficiency tools. In addition to superior CRM features, PRO delivers CMAs, transaction reports, sales & commission tracking, email, client market reports, document management, lead tracking, and much more. It’s the ultimate CRM experience!

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“It has always been an exceptional challenge to do real estate CRM right. Prospects Software has succeeded in building fully modern CRM and mobile solutions tailored to the very specific requirements of real estate professionals. In our assessment, Prospects offers some of the most powerful solutions for brokers and agents who want to stand out and take their business to the next level. We are very excited to work with them and introduce our clients to their innovative solutions

– Chris Bennett, Executive Leader, Real Estate Solutions, CoreLogic®

Discover MLS-Touch®

(Prospects Mobile® in Canada)

MLS-Touch is the powerful application allowing you to access the MLS from your mobile device and helps you keep up with your market, validate your local expertise, and advise your clients intelligently. The app puts everything you need to perform in the palm of your hand.

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MLS Touch

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