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Looking for Property Information? RealQuest Has You Covered.

RealQuest® from CoreLogic®, provides everything anyone would possibly want to know about a property in an easy-to-use format: property reports, MLS data, and property valuations and transaction histories. All that and so much more.

Whether checking foreclosure status or validating a property value, confirming property ownership or researching transaction history, retrieving county records or comparing nearby sales, RealQuest delivers the tools and insights to get the job done.

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Who Trusts Our Data to Be the Best?

Real Estate Agents

Mortgage Lenders

Wall Street Firms

Insurance Companies

Federal Agencies

Reports Most Commonly Used Include:

  • Appraisal Reviews
  • AVMs
  • Borrower Loan Quality and Fraud Verification
  • Digital Street Maps
  • Document Images
  • Flood Maps
  • Income Verification
  • Owner Confirmation
  • Property Detail
  • Transaction History

Reports Most Commonly Used



U.S. Property Coverage

Property, Ownership and Mortgage Data

Property Data

  • Area Tax and schools
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Location, age and size
  • Neighborhood and corporate homes

Ownership Data

  • Legal and vesting
  • Ownership details and history
  • SSN verification
  • Tax verification

Mortgage Data

  • Documented country records
  • Loan to value
  • Mortgage and deed documents
  • Transaction history

The Most Thorough. The Most Effective.

We give you Complete, Current and Connected™ insights on 149 million properties and growing, covering 99.9 percent of U.S. property records.

And we deliver it to you in a way that's easy to manage for your entire team and can be customized when sharing with clients.

RealQuest helps you make the right decision.

How It Works

The More You Know, the Better the Decision

When it comes to doing business, it’s critical that the information you are working with is as accurate and thorough as possible. It’s also imperative that this information is received in a timely manner.

With RealQuest® from CoreLogic®, getting the property information you need is simple. We give you a complete view of property, with instant access to vital ownership and property information including Fraud Detection, Title Research or Collateral Valuations.

Fraud Detection

Title Research

Collateral Valuations

The Data You Need to Make Decisions Confidently

Our database, which is updated daily, covers 149 million properties and growing in more than 3,100 counties, covering 99.9 percent of U.S. property records. We expose the whole lifecycle of every property, from building characteristics to property tax and ownership information as well as transaction histories and mortgage details.

Properties and Growing


of U.S. Property Records

Enhance Your Productivity Throughout the Entire Mortgage Cycle

Identify qualified borrowers for higher quality loan originations and quickly move your origination process forward with RealQuest. You can value collateral, verify owner vesting, obtain property legal descriptions and access other sources of property information.

RealQuest instantly provides the data you need.

  • Comparable sales
  • Document preparation
  • Legal and vesting
  • Property detail
  • Property valuations
  • Transaction history
  • Voluntary lien

What’s a property really worth? RealQuest allows you to mitigate collateral underwriting risk through our Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), which are supported by a patent-pending blind testing process. So whether you are preparing to make a loan or performing due diligence on a collections matter, you can confidently research the value of the property using our all-inclusive modeling tools. Evaluate collateral quality and the risks associated with collateral relative to market value and reduce the risk of collateral fraud and default.

Check for loan accuracy and completeness pre and post-funding with the power of RealQuest data. Is what you’ve been told about a property really true? There’s an easy way to know for sure. RealQuest delivers borrower and collateral loan quality solutions enabling you to efficiently detect fraud and assess the viability of a loan.

Use RealQuest to streamline your workflow processes, prevent losses and improve turnaround time. Solutions and reports commonly used for quality assurance include:

  • Appraisal review
  • Borrower loan quality and fraud verification
  • Collateral risk tools
  • Owner confirmation
  • Transaction history

Servicing a loan means more than just satisfying the borrower. You must also satisfy investor and jurisdictional requirements, as well as compliance regulations. RealQuest, can help you easily obtain the critical information lenders require including pre-foreclosure data, ownership confirmation, mortgage information, lien position, parcel maps, sales value, property characteristics and more.

Getting it right the first time matters. RealQuest provides title companies with numerous ways to increase efficiency and accuracy at the same time. With reports available instantly online you can decrease processing time and expense. And the depth and breadth of our data gives you enhanced decision-making capabilities. The streamlined information integration improves reporting speed and allows you to augment your order processing and title production efficiency.

The services RealQuest provides include:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) – Choose from 10 AVMs, including ValuePoint®4, PowerBASE®6, PASS®and HVE.
  • Co-Branding Opportunities – Make RealQuest your own within a co-branded environment. This solution allows you to monitor access and usage while maximizing operational efficiencies. Display your logo and company information on the user interface.
  • Comparable Sales – Describe the latest market activity, clearly displayed on a street map with aerial and plat map overlays.
  • Document Images – Receive copies of recorded documents including grant deeds, trust deeds, foreclosures, power of attorney, liens, assignments, releases or UCCs.
  • Flood Determinations – Examine flood maps with the subject property plotted and full text legends for key flood information.
  • Legal and Vesting with Transaction History – Instantly access short legal descriptions, owner vesting and mortgage transaction history. Information contained includes: Owner Vesting, Subdivision, Legal Lot and Block, Legal Book/Page and Assessor’s Parcel Number.
  • Mitigate Risk – Help your clients reduce mortgage fraud and reduce the number of title claims.
  • Property Detail (Tax and Owner) – Quickly obtain comprehensive information on a property including: property characteristics, APN, owner vesting, location, zoning and flood data, mortgage recording information, and sale price.
  • Street and Parcel Maps with Aerial Overlays – Gain the competitive edge with our dynamic mapping solution that includes advance filtering capabilities; research neighborhoods via demographic information using street maps with aerial map overlays.

Reports commonly used by lenders and title companies include:

  • Borrower Loan Quality and Fraud Verification
  • Collateral Risk Tools, to monitor over evaluation
  • Document Searches, all from a single source
  • Foreclosure Activity, to be more decisive when it comes to loss mitigation
  • Income Verification
  • Owner Confirmation
  • Property Detail, Legal and Vesting, to avoid potentially fraudulent real estate transactions
  • Transaction History
  • TrueLTV™, to reveal hidden liens
  • ValuePoint4 Default®, for valuation confidence

How It Works
Reports commonly used by lenders and title companies

A Complete View of Property

Both real estate professionals and appraisers rely on accurate information to do their respective jobs. Appraisers require an in-depth knowledge of a property and its surrounding market in order to prepare the most accurate appraisals, and real estate agents and investors require the same to help make intelligent business decisions.

With RealQuest® from CoreLogic®, you have access to information that is updated daily and is part of the nation's most advanced online property search engine, with one of the nation’s largest real estate transaction database covering 149 million properties and growing in more than 3,100 counties.

Data Throughout a Property’s History

Data Throughout a Property’s History

Benefits for All Real Estate Professionals

When tasked with managing agent productivity and behavior, brokers are often challenged by time and resources. Our integrated online solutions enable agents and dedicated client service representatives to receive client calls and complete administrative responsibilities confidently. Strengthen your brand in all reports and presentations while streamlining productivity. Allow your staff to do what they do best—create relationships and drive new business.

  • Conduct at-a-glance situational analysis through instant report access
  • Extend your brokerage brand and value
  • Improve agent intelligence and effectiveness
  • Quickly and efficiently gather data for verification and research
  • Support client services

Real estate is a prime mover of the nation’s economy. Investment activities build communities and shape regional development. But without the right information investors are unable to make sound business decisions. Our services are instrumental to real estate investors and the professionals who assist them. Many investors specifically choose RealQuest because it’s the solution used most by mortgage services.

If you’re looking to provide strong returns to your clients through the acquisition, improvement, management and growth of a portfolio of select real estate investments, let RealQuest help you make the right decisions. Use our online property information database to instantly retrieve and download information on property details, ownership and mortgage, neighborhood and comparable properties.

As everyone knows, access to current foreclosure information is vital when it comes to investment opportunities. RealQuest can help you proactively recognize foreclosure events with the Foreclosure Activity feature, delivering a proactive view into any single property or portfolio of properties. Foreclosure search at a regional level gives you a view of the neighborhood foreclosure activity. Search by phase of the foreclosure cycle and refine your search using over thirty attributes.

Additionally, the loan quality and fraud prevention solutions help to reassure investors that the business they originate is as safe from fraud as it can possibly be.

  • Locate distressed properties in all stages of foreclosure
  • Uncover all properties owned by a particular investor
  • Verify ownership, property characteristics, legal description, sales and mortgage history

Independent appraisers and AMC's require in-depth knowledge of a property and its surrounding market area in order to prepare the most accurate appraisals. Whether you have a residential or commercial appraisal assignment, RealQuest is the industry standard for all your appraisal information needs. With our triple pass data entry process and thorough edit/standardization routines we can ensure greater data accuracy.

Appraisers nationwide use RealQuest to stay ahead of their competition, streamline workflow and mitigate risk of incomplete or inaccurate information. We connect you to the most current and high-quality parcel maps, public record data and other proprietary information. You won’t find a more complete, accurate or versatile property and ownership information database anywhere else.

  • Find flood maps, current ownership information, property characteristics as well as current aerial and assessor parcel maps.
  • Gain access to the same tools used by your lending customers, including appraisal review solutions.
  • Prepare for your day in the field by viewing and printing a subject property detail report with its comparables clearly plotted on a street map.
  • Quickly link from street maps with bird’s-eye view aerial overlays to property reports containing detailed property and ownership information.
  • Retrieve information instantly and flexibly, whether you are searching by address, owner name, parcel map book index or neighborhood.
  • Save valuable time by easily exporting comparable data into third-party Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) software programs.
  • Use cross-street searching functionality or conduct radius, polygon or rectangular searches using the map search feature.

The comprehensive, field-rich RealQuest database covers more than 8 million properties including office, retail, multifamily, industrial and vacant land, providing the tools your company needs to succeed and information solutions unique to your workflow processes. In just a few clicks you have instant access to property and ownership information and analytics that can enhance productivity.

Using tools designed specifically for commercial real estate firms, industry leaders draw on our database to:

  • Access recorded document images (mortgages, deeds) through multiple search criteria
  • Extend beyond current listings and tap into a robust database of all publicly recorded sales to find comparable properties
  • Identify properties with mortgages coming due
  • Uncover all properties owned by a particular investor
  • Identify listing prospects, market to property owners and increase sales
  • Locate distressed properties in all stages of foreclosure
  • Pierce the LLC and reveal the principals behind it
  • Track market activity, sales and foreclosure trends by geography and property type (e.g., office, retail, multifamily, warehouse, etc.)
  • Verify ownership, property characteristics, legal description, sales and mortgage history

Reports commonly used by real estate professionals and appraisers include:

  • Aerial Maps with Overlays
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Document Images
  • Flood Maps
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • History Pro and History Pro Review - appraisal review solutions
  • Most Recent Comparable Sales
  • Neighborhood Information
  • Ownership and Transaction Details
  • TrueLTV™ - to reveal hidden liens

How It Works
Reports commonly used by real estate professionals and appraisers

The First Strategic Decision You Should Make - RealQuest

Making strategic decisions that can affect entire neighborhoods, or a single property, requires accurate information. RealQuest® from CoreLogic® has been providing world-class Complete, Current and Connected™ data to the government for more than 50 years.

When federal, state and local government agencies need to make critical decisions, they rely on property, ownership, neighborhood and mortgage information available via RealQuest. That’s because they know they can reduce research time and cost with our standardized in-depth state-to-state, county-to-county coverage. They also know that because the data is normalized and searching capabilities are flexible, we make it simple to find and use the latest data for determining ownership information, mortgage types and property history and valuations.

Our data capabilities and solutions include everything from property searches and aerial maps to valuation models and document images. We help you gather neighborhood information necessary for verification, compliance, research, analytics and assessment. And when critical decision making is on the line, our intuitive, robust data and analytics provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information.

Our database, updated daily, includes 149 million properties and growing in more than 3,100 counties, covers 99.9 percent of U.S. property records.

Retrieve information instantly. Whether you are searching by address, owner name, parcel map book index or neighborhood, RealQuest has you covered with its flexible search options.

Property Search for All Levels of Government

As government suppliers CoreLogic is GSA certified and government agencies nationwide benefit from our comprehensive, current and accurate property and ownership data. Supported by decades of experience, our proven track record for delivering world-class data solutions speaks for itself.

Agencies that rely on the data RealQuest provides include:

  • Department of Transportation and Transit Authorities Nationwide
  • Economic development departments
  • Geographic Information System providers (GIS/IT)
  • Law enforcement agencies who need to know which neighborhoods are being vacated to help pro-actively manage crime
  • Property tax assessment and collection agencies
  • School boards and education departments
  • State and local housing authorities
  • State and national legislators and local government leaders who can initiate actions that benefit constituents

RealQuest provides government professionals nationwide with the following advantages:

  • Ability to analyze land use quickly with viewing/printing and exporting capabilities – identify properties that may be suitable for mitigation
  • Confirm fair market pricing for owners when right of way is exercised
  • Decreased processing time and expense
  • Increased accuracy
  • Produce owner notifications efficiently using the label feature or exporting the raw data for mail merge letters, etc.
  • Verify valuations of properties from appraisers

Reports commonly used by government entities include:

  • Appraisal Reviews
  • Digital Street Maps
  • Document Images
  • Flood Maps
  • Foreclosures, Negative Equity and Delinquencies
  • Identify Owners Along Easements for Notification Purposes
  • Owner Confirmation
  • Property Detail
  • Research Sales Activities and Trends of New and Existing Homes
  • Transaction History

How It Works
Reports commonly used by government entities

Don’t Rely on Others for Information.
Get It Yourself.

In the past, telecommunication and utility companies had to depend on their title company partners to send them deeds. Sometimes the format and timeliness were inconsistent, ultimately forcing them to send abstractors to county recorders offices to retrieve copies. With RealQuest® from CoreLogic®, you can prove ownership when securing easements direct from the source. You can also validate owner and occupant contact information to expedite compliance or violation/notice mailings, closure service, and public hearing notifications.

Our database, which is updated daily, covers 149 million properties and growing in more than 3,100 counties covering 99.9 percent of the U.S. property records.

Property Data for Telecommunications and Utilities

The Most Complete Data From the Market Leader

With RealQuest, you get complete property and ownership information in an easy-to-access format, from street maps with bird’s-eye view aerial overlays and parcel identification numbers. Identify and assess properties and neighborhoods targeted for redevelopment, construction or purchase, and to identify individuals or companies who could be impacted by your actions.

Be informed before you act by identifying property value, restrictions, rights of entry, risk for fire or flood and environmental concerns. This allows you to feel confident that when you notify the public about outages, closures or maintenance work, that you are targeting everyone who really needs the information.

With RealQuest, you can:

  • Analyze sales or foreclosures by market, sales price, lot size
  • Conduct property specific and custom searches with ease
  • Extend your reach by tapping into a robust database of all publicly recorded sales
  • Identify prospects, market to property owners and increase sales
  • Investigate property transaction history
  • Research document images (deeds, mortgage, etc.)
  • Research sales activities and trends of new and existing homes
  • Significantly reduce time and manpower required for Right of Way research

Reports commonly used by telecommunication and utility professionals include:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
  • Comparables
  • Document Images
  • Flood Map
  • Legal and Vesting
  • Parcel Map
  • Property Detail Report
  • Street Maps Plus
  • Transaction History
  • Voluntary Lien Report

How It Works

Property Ownership and Buyer Data

An exhaustive database on the people and property involved.

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Mortgage Data

A complete picture of liabilities and liens.

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How It Works

Learn how RealQuest helps you make the right decision.

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