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Proposed by federal banking agencies and the Federal Trade Commission, the Red Flags Rule requires dealerships to implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program. CoreLogic® Credco® Red Flag Solution – a comprehensive offering of product and reporting tools – offers everything you need to help you protect your dealership.

CoreLogic Credco’s Red Flag Solution not only helps meet Red Flags Rule compliance, but also protects your dealership and clients from identity theft. Our Red Flag Solution helps you see the whole picture – from suspicious patterns of activity and victim statements in the credit report, to possible OFAC matches to inconsistencies in identity information.


Credit Reporting Services

Integrated with more than 50 dealer sales and finance platforms, we deliver fast, convenient single-source access to all three national credit bureaus – Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax®.

OFAC Screening

Screen your clients against the most current OFAC list of terrorists, drug traffickers and money launderers prior to any sale – and get results with every credit report.

BuyerID® Index

Quickly confirm your client’s identity with an easy-to-interpret, three-digit score that calculates the fraud risk associated with that client. The higher the score, the greater the likelihood of identity risk.


Red Flag Manager

Powered by Compli and developed in consultation with Michael Benoit of Hudson Cook, LLP, Red Flag Manager is designed exclusively to help dealerships draft, rollout, train, monitor and report on their unique Red Flag Program.


Red Flag Viewpoint

Complemented by Red Flag Manager, Red Flag Viewpoint is an integrated online reporting dashboard that combines, summarizes and delivers easy-to-read reporting on your Red Flags compliance efforts. 

Red Flag IQ Report

A monthly report that summarizes potential fraud activity or Red Flags detected at your dealership, while also providing detailed transaction data for high risk clients.

Product Details

Allows you to monitor for suspicious patterns of activity and inconsistencies in your client’s ID information

Helps your dealership maintain compliance with the 26 Red Flags and helps protect you from claims, fines and litigation

Includes summary reports for Red Flag and potential fraud activity over time

Red Flag Manager and Red Flag Viewpoint are subscription-based services; no hardware or software to install

FREE live training available to help set up your Red Flag Program

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