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Our redemption reports contain all applicable property tax data for each parcel searched. In addition to our dedicated redemption report department, we maintain regional service centers that can obtain redemption reports as needed.

We typically obtain delinquent years, bill types, penalty interest and payee information as part of the service. Our redemption responses include:

  • Taxing authority name, address, telephone number, bill frequency and delinquency date
  • Tax identification number(s)
  • Tax year
  • Bill description, if known – regular tax bill, fee, special assessment
  • Status – due, delinquent or paid
  • Delinquent tax years
  • Base tax amount and total amount due calculated for 30 to 60 days in the future, where available

With a capacity to complete more than 600,000 redemptions annually, we can serve as a dependable partner for your redemption reporting needs.