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Investors, Mortgage-Backed Security Investors and Lenders obtain accurate assessments on the returns that can be achieved from Rental Properties with Rent Amount Model from CoreLogic:

  • Estimate monthly rent to be charged for specific rental properties
  • Forecast standard deviation on that estimate
  • Estimate capitalization rate for specific properties

With 100% coverage across the U.S., Investors gain the insight needed to make better informed investment decisions with a cost-effective alternative to a Broker Price Opinion.

Rent Amount Model Provides Answers to the
Following Questions

Unlock opportunities to revitalize investment efforts with answers

  • Should I purchase this rental property?
  • How much should I bid on the property?
  • How can I optimize my rental portfolio management strategy?
  • Should I sell rental properties in my portfolio?

Who Can Use Rent Amount Model?

Every key stakeholder in the mortgage lifecycle can benefit from property intelligence. Whether you are an investor, looking to purchase portfolio properties, evaluate a geographic area for investment or a lender who needs to underwrite loans for rental properties, Rent Amount Model from CoreLogic is a proven rent estimator to aid with decision-making.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets Investors want to know about rent amounts and anticipated capitalization rates to aid making a property/portfolio investment decision to purchase or sell. Investors and Asset Managers also need to know current rent amounts to assist with changes with existing tenants.


Mortgage Lenders and Servicers need to determine and validate monthly rent amounts for REO properties or for Underwriting decisions. This is done to determine an action on a property such as adjusting rent, selling a property or approving/declining a loan.


Resellers Data Partners and Direct Marketers need to identify potential investment properties or simply display rents for use by consumers on real estate portals.