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RentTrack and CoreLogic® make it easy to report residents’ rent payments to all three credit bureaus. You can keep your current payment processor, and we’ll handle the logistics of rent reporting while you reap the benefits.


A recent RentTrack study shows that after reporting one year's worth of rent payments, residents with poor to subprime credit can see an improvement, on average, between +28-47 points. In general, the lower the starting score, the bigger the improvement.*
Source: RentTrack, 2018.

How it works. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4.

We offer seamless property management integrations, which enable easy onboarding and ongoing marketing automation. Resident sign-up is stress free, and we can also provide the tools you need to effectively inform your residents about rent reporting.

Rent Reporting - How it Works

A Win-Win for Property Managers & Residents.

Property managers can use rent reporting to promote their rentals and make their property operate more efficiently, while simultaneously giving residents the credit they deserve.

Rent Reporting


Property Management

  • Attract & retain quality residents.
  • Increase on-time payments.
  • Decrease delinquencies & reduce skips
  • Integrate with all major accounting software.
  • Add an additional revenue stream.


  • Credit building
  • Credit scoring & insights
  • Credit protection
  • 24-month historical payment reporting