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ResidentAny decision is only as good as the data behind it. CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions connects you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. Our advanced technology models are statistically validated based on facts, not intuition or rules, ensuring a degree of consistency and reliability unmatched in the industry. Whatever decision or information service you use, you’ll find the same simple data entry process, rapid turnaround and clear concise results that eliminate the need for judgment calls by your leasing professionals.

No one else gives property owners and managers access to such vital data and predictive tools that make leasing decisions easier, faster and more effective. We help protect you from residents who don’t pay, and provide unique operational insights into key performance measures to help you make the decisions that will bring you closer to your business goals. We help you make sound decisions and control your risks.

With a network of professionals across the nation, our resident screening solutions are wherever you need us to be, with the data, decisions, tools and services you need to enhance your success.

Product Details

CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions presents the most comprehensive leasing decision service to the single and multifamily housing industry. The most complete picture you can get of potential residents, includes:

Our core product bundle is the most comprehensive leasing decision service in the multifamily housing industry, combining essential screening services into one easy-to-use, effective tool. It’s simply the most complete picture you can get of potential residents.

As the industry's only statistically validated scoring model, the SafeRent Score evaluates potential renters throughout the country using sophisticated data and analytics. Three predictive digits deliver a healthy indicator of lease performance for future residents.

You’ll get access to our exclusive database of landlord-tenant records, which includes filings, judgments and prior inquiries supplied by courthouses across the county. Experience shows that past lease performance is one of the single most important predictors of future resident behavior.

Collections Alert helps property owners and managers identify applicants that have recently skipped or left a rental property owing money – before the applicants move in. This unique data set contains millions of records identifying renters currently being pursued by a collections agency for outstanding balances on prior multifamily lease obligations. All amounts reported through Collections Alert are for amounts owed that have generally not been reported to the credit bureaus.

This solution uncovers felony, misdemeanor and sex offender public records. The information is available at the multi-state, state and/or county levels.

This automated tool processes and interprets criminal records and notifies leasing staff when criminal records are found that do not meet the criteria you establish for your community.

AppAlert scans more than a dozen U.S. agency listings as well as numerous state and local wanted fugitive lists.

With ID Score, you can easily authenticate an applicant's identity and detect potentially fraudulent activity. It identifies high-risk behaviors in real-time, and delivers a predictive assessment of identity fraud risk. This decreases false positives that limit screenings of qualified applicants.

Take the worry out of complying with the adverse action requirement with the Automated Adverse Action Letter. This solution will automatically email an adverse action letter to applicants with a decline or accept with conditions decision, thus taking the manual work out of the hands of your leasing professional. There is also a mail backup feature in case of email failure so you can feel confident you are meeting your FCRA requirements for adverse action notification.

Our suite of on-demand management reports provide vital insight for management decision-making, from leasing decision points and consistency of screening practices to advertising and marketing referral sources.

CoreLogic Drives Better Business Decisions

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MyRental™ Enables Smarter Leasing Decisions

As a rental property owner, you know that good tenants can be hard to find. MyRental™ from CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions helps lessen this pain by giving you the ability to screen prospective tenants using a mobile-friendly online tool.

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