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Your Comprehensive Source for Residential Costs

With six classifications for building quality and corresponding descriptions and photographs of a wide variety of construction styles and qualities throughout North America, the Residential Cost Handbook helps eliminate the guesswork of construction quality and valuation.

The comprehensive manual contains historical cost indices, providing you the ability to manage trend costs historically using quarterly multipliers dating back to 2004. In addition, local multipliers for frame and masonry residences in more than 825 locations throughout the United States, U.S. territories and most major cities in Canada ensure that your costs are localized and relative to current market conditions.

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Locate thousands of square-foot and component costs for every type of residence, including:

  • Basic Single-Family Site-Built Homes
  • Low-Rise Multi-Family Apartment Building
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Older Homes
  • Town Houses
  • Duplexes
  • Urban Row Houses
  • “Green" Features.

An annual subscription to the Residential Cost Handbook includes quarterly updates and unlimited free technical support services.

Cost Methodologies for a Complete and Defensible Determination of Value 

Square Foot Methodology

The most commonly used calculator/ assumptive valuation method based on the gross square footage of dwellings by location. 

Segregated Methodology

Used component-by-component costs of superstructures such as foundation, frame, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

Unit-In-Place Costs

Individual pricing of components such as windows, doors, roofs, yard improvements, etc. 

Product Benefits

  • Improved Consistency and Accuracy in Property Valuations
  • Access to Historical Costing
  • Square Foot and Component Costs for Every Type of Residence
  • Quarterly Updates to Maintain Up-to-Date and Accurate Costs
  • Interpolate Between Residential Styles and Quality Levels
  • Cost Indexes to More Than 824 Specific Geographic Areas
  • Produce Defendable Values That Help Appraisers Remain in Full Regulatory Compliance