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We understand that you are always looking for ways to monitor your reverse mortgage portfolios for adverse actions. That is why we created ReverseAlert, a cost-effective, post-closing solution to monitor and bring visibility to your portfolio.


ReverseAlert provides daily, post-closing reporting, alerting you of any adverse actions that may affect your borrower’s ongoing program eligibility.

  • Voluntary liens – Discover when new subordinate or private party liens are recorded against the property
  • Involuntary liens – Detect when borrowers fall behind on their HOA dues or mechanics liens have been placed on the property
  • Delinquent property taxes – Be notified when borrowers become delinquent on their property taxes
  • Property vesting changes – Find out when vesting changes occur, including changes to properties held in a trust
  • Current property value – Review current property value to determine the current loan to value

Product Details

Enforce loan terms and conditions on a daily basis

Reduce exposure to fraud and improve compliance

Evaluate changes to portfolio risks

Receive coverage in more than 3,000 counties, covering 97 percent of the population

Get updates on 4.5 million property and mortgage transactions per month