Where It Happened. When It Happened. How to Respond.

A storm has hit, and time is of the essence. Contractors are canvassing neighborhoods looking for signs of damage. High-tech tools are making businesses faster, more efficient, and more profitable that ever before.

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Roof IQ™ by CoreLogic®

Provides valuable insights for roofing contractors at every stage of the roofing process. The ability to deploy resources and get to damaged homes faster, with real-time information in hand will give you the competitive advantage you have been looking for.

Roof IQ Gives You a Competitive Edge

This solution means that the roofing industry now has a dynamic, market-driven enterprise solution that provides a virtual feedback loop between contractors and their customers, allowing them to manage the impact of severe weather more proactively and effective

Get to Damaged Roofs First - With Reports and Pricing In Hand

Receive storm alerts to your inbox within hours of impact and increase response times 

Target impact areas and get to more damaged homes via accurate hail size, wind speed and granular location information 

Download targeted leads complete with contact information and property data

Order SkyMeasure™ Aerial Roof Measurement Reports, expedite material ordering and eliminate the need to scale the roof for damage

Target Roofs the Same Way the Storm Did

How Wind Technologies Work

To truly understand the impact of severe thunderstorms, you need to be able to pinpoint the damage to specific properties, as well as properties in the surrounding areas.

Our proprietary hail, wind verification services can tell you precisely where and when the impact happened, how severe it was and which properties were directly impacted. You’re able to deploy resources in near real-time and improve your overall catastrophe response – including your ability target impact areas and generate new business.

Verification Based on Actual Hail and Wind Impact

Our hail and wind maps show anywhere in the continental United States. Based on our proprietary verification technologies for both hail and wind, we plot paths for impacted geographic areas and color code these areas in quarter-inch increments from three-quarter inch up to four-plus inch hail diameters, and 5 mph increments from 40 to 160 mph. CoreLogic hail and wind maps offer the most accepted and trusted eagle-eye view of hail and wind in the United States.

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Aerial Roof Measurement Reports

Gain the confidence you need to expedite critical projects without even having to set foot on the construction site. With aerial roof measurement reports from SkyMeasure™, you can save both time and money. A project could be one roof, or multiple roofs; either way, these measurement reports have you covered. Gone are the days of scaling damaged roofs for accurate measurements. Today, groundbreaking roof measurement systems precisely determine the dimensions of a roof.

Created by Roofing Experts, for Roofing Experts

SkyMeasure by CoreLogic reports make it easy to provide your customer with a quick, comprehensive overview of their roofing project and aids in the presentation needed to close the deal. Additionally, our Roof report provides a basis for material and labor calculations.

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Roof Intelligence

Structural Risk and Valuations

Better Residential and Commercial Values and Risk Assessment

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Natural Hazard and Catastrophe

Hazard Risk Management from Point to Portfolio™

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Roof Condition Solutions

Roof Intelligence That Won’t Leave You Guessing

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Weather Verification Services

Faster Decisions with Better, More Accurate Weather Data

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